5 Reasons Why You should be a Pet Parent

Pets are commonly domestic animals who are tamed and adopted for pleasure by their human parents – well, but is pleasure the only reason why you would want a pet? Not really, there is way more than just that.

Before we start reasoning why should we become a pet parent, let each one of you gauge the slightest possibility of you being open to having a pet:

  • Do you ever see a dog or a cat and go like “Sooooo Cute”?
  • Do you spend time watching funny pet videos on social media?
  • Do you tag your friends in cute animal memes? (I think this everyone does – am I right?)
  • Do you like petting a stray dog or cat on the road?
  • Do you like holding small baby animals in your hand and feel like that is your child?
  • Do you love clicking selfies with pets?
  • Do you ever feel like running across the road just to go give that furry animal a cuddle?

If the answer to even two out of these seven questions is a “Yes” then drop what you are doing right away and start preparing yourself to adopt your very own furry pet child. You literally have so many options to choose from: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Horses, or Mice (yes, they are adorable). These animals are selfless and all they want is someone to love them and in return they lay down their lives to be your greatest companion. 

1) Say GOODBYE to stress and anxiety:

With all the busy chaos and hustling we go through every day, we all need a stress buster. Our little fur animals are literally the best to go home to and it just takes one hug to let go of the entire day’s noise. The more time you spend with your pet, the more you forget about all the negative thoughts and are simply surrounded by so much cuteness and love. 

2) Your DAILY dose of exercise:

We all know walking alone can be so boring and the only entertainment we use is music. Make your dog a quick replacement to music and enjoy the best walk company. Dogs love walking, and they will make sure that they make you have your little run as well as your everyday non-skippable walk (you definitely don’t want to skip that poop schedule for your dog 😉). Apart from dogs, all the other furry animals too provide your body the required exercise by playing and running around the house, feeding them and bathing them.

3) Your PERSONAL security guard:

They will always be your safeguard and won’t even let a fly get close to you (oh yes, my cat is so protective that you won’t ever see an insect at home). Not just that, pets are so loyal and understanding that just with that one smell and look they know something or not right and will immediately put on their hulk mode to protect you. You don’t need a theft alarm anymore.

4) ALL DAY live entertainment:

There is no “boring” time around your pet – you are going to have to deal with a lot of cuteness and funny habits of your furry animals. Each pet has their own unique trait and will keep you entertained in their best way possible – for instance, you dog is going to make the most adorable face and look at you for filling their tummy and giving you their cute paws, your cat is going to file their nails by sleeping between your legs on that soft blanket, your parrot is going to call you with all those funny names, your hamster is going to have a quick run on their own little thread mill and the list goes on. They will make sure you have your portion of laughter every single time.

5) BOOST your social life:

Pets help improve your social skills and make your social life much more happening. You have so much to talk to people about your pet baby, you make so many new friends while walking your dog, you can become a pet blogger and write your heart out, have a social media account setup for your pet and make your pet child have new furry friends and hooman friends. You can also go on a quick backpacking and an adventurous weekend getaway with your pet baby, or have pet birthday parties with all those wagging tails  and soft paws running around. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go adopt your pet child right away – you are going to give that little one a new life and they are going to shower you will all the love, care and be your best friends. All you need is a pet to lean on 😉.