Centuary Mattress announces Sleep Survey – In Search of Better Sleep; Watching Shows on Gadgets and Social Media major deterrent in sleeping on time


·         Nationally 53% people sleep late due to gadgets; while watching programs or social media feed
·         Only 20% people sleep before 10PM on weekdays and 5% on weekends in the 10 cities
·         Overall in the 10 cities 37% people feel sleepy between 1-3 days in a week; 10% feel sleepy every day while on their way or way back from work
·         42%, 40% and 17% people feel sleeping hours, better quality mattress and avoiding gadgets before sleep respectively can improve the quality of sleep in the 10 cities surveyed

Chandigarh,August16, 2018: Centuary Mattresses - one of India’s leading mattress brand, has today announced its Survey - In Search of Better Sleep. The survey is done across various cities to understand the sleeping patterns, deterrents and other issues. Centuary Mattresses appointed Nielson –a global measurement and data analytics company to conduct the survey which is based on an extensive sample size of 1,524 people across 10 cities in the country.

Overall in the 10 cities, the survey found out that collectively 53%people are awake in the night due to either watching shows on TV, Laptop, Tablets & phone or browsing the social media feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.Work or Finance related issues are also a significant deterrent in keeping 18% people awake in the night. 54% people said that on weekend they sleep between 10pm – 11pm whereas on weekends only 25%are able tosleep between this time. The majority of people wake up between 5-6am on weekdays at 43% whereas during weekends 31%people Wake up between 7-8 AM. 68% people said that at least1-2 times they wake up during their sleep. Long travel durations, work load and lesser night sleep makes, at least37% people sleepy between 1-3 days in a week whereas 10% feel sleepy every day on their way to or way back from work.

Around 42%, 40%and 17%people said that they feel their quality of the sleep can be improved by regular sleeping hours, better quality mattress and avoiding gadgets before sleep respectively.

While announcing the details of the survey report, Mr. Uttam Malani, Executive Director – Centuary Mattresses said, “Through this survey we intended to bring to everyone’s notice that how gradually each one of us is getting impacted by the new age lifestyle which is depriving us from a quality sleep. According to a study, 93% of Indians suffer from sleep deprivation; getting a sleep of less than 8 hours per night. It has come out very clearly that having the right mattress is essential to unlock “The Power of Better Sleep”, in addition to maintaining a healthy life style. Centuary, being India’s Sleep Specialist, intents to leverage this information for the benefit of the hardworking Indians by providing innovative and accessible sleep solution”.