How to Make a Website for Free, Step by Step Guide - Step 9

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Adding Posts :

To add a new post or a piece of content to the website or blog you need to create posts. To create a new post click on new post button, to open a new post editing page. Now here you have the options to add a post title in the title biox and to add content in the body box below. Here you have two options either add content as plain text and images or you can select the HTML tab and enter an HTML code. The normal compose option gives you simple functions like different fonts and sizes, text color, and the ability to insert links. Once you added the content to your post the next thing you got to do is on the right hand side you have various post options.

Labels - It works like tagging a post with a label. ( eg : Health, Finance)
Schedule - This option helps you to schedule a publishing date for the post.
Permalink - This basically is the web address for your post which will be visible in the address bar of the browser when some one visits your post.
Location - This allows you to add a location to your post.

Other Options that are available are allow or disallow reader comments. In the compose mode show HTML literally or interpret type HTML. Line breaks weather to use a <br> tag or use enter for line breaks.