JK Cement announces International Conference in Gotan on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

New Delhi, 14 August 2018: JK Cement Ltd, India’s premier cement company will host Yadupati Singhania Children’s International conference on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, between August 19-21, in Gotan, Rajasthan.

The conference aims at showcasing the work done by JK Cement in furthering the agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Gotan and its nearby regions.

This first-of-its-kind event will see participation from dignitaries from across the world, including Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi - Member of Indian Parliament, from the New Delhi constituency, and spokesperson, Bhartiya Janata Party. Besides Ms Lekhi, other key dignitaries include Mr. Vinai Kumar Saxena, Chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Commission of Government of India, and Mr. A.R. Kohli, Former Governor of one of the States of India (Mizoram).

The conference seeks to bring together key influencers from the UN, the political establishment and the education sector under one roof. As a part of the conference, JK Cement will also showcase and highlight through exhibitions, sessions, case studies, and film screenings, some key initiatives that have been undertaken by the Company as a part of the journey of transformation in the Trans Gotan area.

The key focus area of the Gotan International Conference will be exhaustive discussions around the 12 goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aimed at the eradication of poverty in all its forms, education for all, promotion of health and well-being for all, equal opportunities for both men and women, along with the mission of zero hunger challenge, economic growth etc.

Speaking on sustainable development goals, Mr. Yadupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, JK Cement Ltd. said, “The conference at Gotan is part of the JK Cement’s stated agenda of giving back to the society and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals as put forth by the UN. JK Cement’s journey of growth is interminably entwined with the transformation of the trans-Gotan area, as the plant at Gotan is one of our biggest manufacturing facilities. It gives me great pleasure to see the growth in the region.”

JK Cement will also launch a Coffee Table Book showcasing individual stories of transformation in Gotan, at the conference.