Top 5 Pet Picks besides Dogs and Cats

When we think about keeping pets and making them a part of our family, we are generally thinking about dogs, cats, or fishes which are the most commonly owned pets. Well, humans these days are also accepting a wide range of animals apart from the common ones as their pets and are able to share the same kind of bond with them as well.

Let’s learn about a few cute and low maintenance pets that you can give a home to:

  •  Birds:

 These are more commonly known as 2-legged species who prove to be great human companions. They are charming, colorful and cute little feathery species. There are so many bird options to choose from: White Pigeons, Doves, Parrots, Love Birds, Parakeets and Cockatiels. They are low maintenance, easy to care for and generally don’t need a lot of human attention; however, it is advisable and better to keep these loving birds in a pair.

  • Turtle

As most of you know, turtles are known for living really long lives. Keeping a turtle is like keeping a life long commitment as well kept and healthy turtles may outlive you. They have pretty and attractive patterns on their shells and they also flaunt their adorable facial expressions. 

  • Guinea Pigs

They are affectionate, unique and kid friendly pets to keep - they make a good fit for children specifically. Guinea Pigs are quite entertaining – they keep running over on their wheel, they kick with their front and back legs, jump up in the air and they make adorable sounds when they are happy (more like they purr like cats when they are content and happy).They also live long lives and all they need to keep their tummy full is some hay, fresh vegetables and fresh water. They make great first pets.

  • Fishes:

If you are one of those who don’t prefer touching or holding pets, but would still dream about having your own pet, then fishes are the companions you are looking for. Of course, it’s not limited only this one reason - fishes have their very own calm and beauty, you can spend hours just looking at them glide over and run your fingers through the tank letting them come chasing it. They are the most suitable when it comes to having a budget pet and at the same time most preferred if you don’t have enough time to devote towards your pet. You have a huge and colorful variety to choose from – remember to get them in their pairs always.

  • Hamsters:

This one is from the rodent family – tiny and cute (smaller than the size of your palm). They live independently and don’t need a companion in the cage to keep company. They are cost effective and don’t really need your attention 24x7. They generally sleep through the day and are awake at night, so if you do hear something at night, don’t get freaked out – that’s just your hamster. Not to forget, they are very cuddly too.

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