3 Useful Ways to Take Advantage of Screen Recording

3 Useful Ways to Take Advantage of Screen Recording

Have you ever considered using screen recording in the past? Most people tend to figure they don’t need it unless they want to create video guides or record gameplay videos – but that isn’t really true.

The fact of the matter is that screen recording is a useful tool that can be used in a number of different ways. It essentially will allow you to save anything that you want from your screen in the form of a video, and that should give you a hint of its potential.

To be more specific there are a few useful ways that you could take advantage of screen recording:

Save online streaming videos

Do you have certain online videos that you watch regularly or refer to from time to time? Instead of re-streaming the video each time you want to watch it, why not save it so you can watch it whenever you want or even transfer it to another device or burn it onto a DVD?

Admittedly there are other ways to save online streaming videos, but none are as universal as screen recording. Simply put it will let you record any online streaming video from any website, platform or app – and you can then save it and watch it as and when you see fit.

Save video calls

As video calling has grown more popular, people have started to use Skype, Google Hangouts and other such platforms to stay in touch or even hold business meetings. The only problem with these platforms is that unlike instant messaging there’s no way to save the content of your video calls – which is where screen recording comes in.

Once again you can use screen recording to record and save any video call directly from your screen. Just make sure the screen video recorder can capture audio from the microphone as well – but most can. For example, you could try Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Record bugs or technical issues

Have you ever struggled to describe the bug or technical issue you were facing in order to get some assistance? Instead of tying yourself in knots trying to paint a picture with words – why not just record a video of it?

The next time you encounter a bug or a technical issue of any kind, you could just record it so that people know exactly what you’re talking that. In fact you could even upload the video to YouTube and link to it when you ask people on forums or social media for help.

See how screen recording is a lot more multifaceted than it appears to be on the surface? Make no mistake the ways to take advantage of it that were described above are just the tip of the iceberg, and undoubtedly you’ll find other ways it comes in handy as well.

If nothing else you should certainly give it a try and get a taste for what it can do. Odds are you won’t look back afterwards.