The Blackjack game has also gone social. This is different compared to the live version as well as the online versions of the game which are available at casino.netbet.co.uk.
Social media Blackjack games are the ones that can be played on social networks like Google + or Facebook. These versions are free to play and also come with the social element which means that they can be played with friends.
Regardless of your experience in playing the game, you can enjoy it in a very familiar environment and also get to share your exploits with the community.

How to Play Social Media Blackjack Games
There are pre-requisites that must be met before you can get access to social media Blackjack games. You must have a Facebook or Google+ account. Once you find a Blackjack game you fancy, you may proceed to click on Play Now and follow the steps that come up.
You'll also be asked to give certain permissions like whether the app can access your data or not.  The major difference between social media Blackjack and online Blackjack is the free-play element.
Although some online casinos allow you to play Blackjack in practice mode, social media Blackjack does not allow you to wager real money. You can only play with virtual chips that are credited to you on a daily basis as well as the ones you earned whilst playing the game.

Why play Social Media Blackjack games?
These games have become more popular due to the numerous advantages of playing them. It's all about fun! You don't have to risk your hard earned money in social media Blackjack as they are available only on free play mode.

You'll get to get to grips with the game without losing any money. There is also the additional social factor where you'll get to chat with fellow players and make new friends.

Disadvantages of playing Social Media Blackjack
It has a limited offer of variations. You can choose from the games which are provided by a few social developers. However, when it comes to Blackjack, they stick to the standard version of the game. The graphics are also not advanced when compared to the ones prevalent at online casinos.
Therefore, players who are thrilled by graphics should stick with the online version of the game. Passionate gamblers will also be put off by social media Blackjack as there are no wins through which real money can be won.

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