Playing Multideck Blackjack Games? Here are the Successful Strategies for Betting

Because of small house edge, a lot of casino players are showing interest on online blackjack. Well, things become worse when you start to play multideck games and know nothing about them. You must change betting strategy first because it is a lot more difficult to predict the outcomes in multideck games.

Why it’s time to make a winning strategy? 

If you are playing several hands of blackjack, your betting strategies can make or break your winnings. You should know about different strategies out there and go with the one that can maximize your profits. There is around 0.5% of house edge for multiple deck games in blackjack.

The betting strategy you go with doesn’t change the house edge technically. So, some pros won’t recommend you to use them. Even though house edge is not changed in the long run, there are some experienced players who can capitalize on small betting strategy for short term. Well, regression and progressive are two different betting strategies you should know about.

Progressive Betting 

It is one of the most common betting strategies used by pros. It is very simple. After winning hands, you can increase your bets. After losing hands, you lower them. Most betters also double the bet after winning hand and lower it by half after losing them. If you have lowered the bet after losing hand, your average losses will be lower if you lose more than two hands at the same time.

On the other side, if you raise your bets after winning, the average winning bet will be higher than nor changing your bet. Hence, you can limit your average losses and raise your average winnings. If you alternate between losing and winning hands, you can even balance between your bets.

Regression Betting

This strategy works just the opposite of progressive. After a win, you lower your bids and after loss, you raise them. As a general rule, you should half the bets after loss and double the bets after winning. But the key here is to prepare for long losing streak. If you keep doubling the bet after a few losing hands, you will get a huge payout when you win finally. Your winnings will exceed your losses eventually if you play for long term.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be practically possible. It is because your losses can rack up too soon if you double your bet after losing each hand. You will soon have to start with low bet and you will have $155 at least on hand if you lose 5 hands continuously.

At first, theory on these strategies may seem complicated. Well, there are more valid chances to have winning streaks with a solid strategy. If you see that you are having several winning streaks in the game, it is better to go with progressive betting strategy, so you can maximize your earnings with winning hands. You can more about the different betting strategies here. It may always be great to taper back the bets if you think they have been too high as you could lose on another hand and wind up at loss.

No matter what approach you go with, viability of a strategy declines your play. You can reduce your losses and improve winning with a solid strategy. But your winnings could be affected eventually by few of your strategies, sheer luck, and ability in card counting.