Sennheiser and Neumann Showcased a Range of New Age Audio Technology at Broadcast India 2018

Mumbai, 1st November, 2018 –German audio giant- Sennheiser and Neumann, demonstrated its entire range of media production tools at Stall D-410, at the broadcast India show 2018. Catering to the entire breadth of content creation and production needs – from YouTubers and vloggers to film crews, studios, theatres, and broadcasters, Sennheiser’s new technologies like AMBEO and HD Audio Production, got a splendid response at the show.

Sennheiser and Neumann Showcased a Range of New Age Audio Technology at Broadcast India 2018

Sticking to the core agenda of the Broadcast India Show, Sennheiser presented its professional audio equipment which is loaded with disruptive technology and designed for various purposes like video creation, and broadcasters, amongst others. These specifically designed products ensure a superior and memorable sound and speech experience.

Speaking at the show, Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director Professional Segment at Sennheiser Electronics India, said, “Sennheiser is globally recognized for its innovative and disruptive products across the audio segment. As a premium audio solution leader with experience of more than 7 decades, we aim to keep introducing futuristic products and make it easier for industry professionals to operate seamlessly and effortlessly. Created with a vision of catering to the needs of this ever evolving industry, our products enable the users to enhance their audio experience. We are delighted to be part of Broadcast India 2018 and showcase products that further help our end-consumers.”

Key products Showcased at Broadcast India 2018

Ambeo VR Mic: One of the key products showcased by Sennheiser was the Ambeo VR Mic. It’s revolutionary technology is designed to provide three-dimensional spatial sound for immersive audio experience of all kind of video. Sennheiser’s front-end VR Mic captures the full spherical sound at a single point in space that clearly distinguishes between Channel-based, Object-based or Scene-based representations of the sound field. While Channel-based audio delivers its content to a physical loudspeaker layout, with one output channel for each speaker playback, such as Left and Right for Stereo, the Object-based audio describes where a certain audio object is placed in the sound field and data processing calculates its playback to specific 3D speaker systems

Memory Mic: Sennheiser also showcased the Memory Mic which got lot of attention, especially from millennial content creators. It’s a small, lightweight wireless microphone for smartphones along with easy to use video app makes it must-have tools for mobile journalists and content creators who rely on their mobile phone for quick and uncomplicated audio and video capture. It offers broadcast-quality sound and works at any distance from the smartphone. The free Sennheiser video app offers one-touch synchronization of audio and video, sensitivity selection to optimally adapt the mic to the speaker and a mixing function to select the optimum balance between the standard audio recorded by the smartphone and the audio recorded via the Memory Mic.

The IE 40 PRO: Sennheiser also has something new on offer for monitoring- The IE 40 PRO, which are the company’s entry model in a series of brand-new professional in-ears. The IE 40 PRO ensure impeccable audio reproduction with warmth, great detail and natural clarity, improving the artist’s focus and performance control even in difficult stage situations. The meticulous audio performance is complemented by a well thought-out mechanical design that includes a patent-pending, break-proof cable ducting.

HD 300 Pro and HMD 300 PRO: Continuing the legacy of the classic HD 250 Linear, Sennheiser introduced HD 300 PRO monitoring headphones and HMD 300 PRO headset for camera operation and backstage communications. The 300 PRO series includes the HD 300 PRO and HD 300 PROtect monitoring headphones (the latter with selectable ActiveGard protection) as well as the HMD 300 PRO and single-sided HMD 301 PRO communications headsets. The headsets feature ActiveGard and a noise-compensated, super-cardioid boom microphone for clear communications in loud production environments.