Photo Tiles, Stickers, and Mirror Wall Hangings: Cheap Wall Decors with Expensive Feel

Most of the people think that making home look luxuriousrequires much money. It seems like you have to spend a fortune to make your interior look expensive and sophisticated, but this is not true. You can easily create an appealing interior with cheap Photo Tiles options. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must use the wallsas much as possible.

House walls work as a plain canvas, and when you put different things on them, then they completely transform the mood of the room.

Wall stickers

Nowadays you can find countlessalternatives for wall décor, and one of the cheapest options is a wall sticker. Despite saying this, it is important to point out that most of the common wall stickers could damage your walls as they tend to peel off the wall photo tiles app paint when removed. That is why you are advised to opt for removable and reusable wall decals. Interestingly, these days you can get some of the finest three-dimensional (3D) wall decals, which will be discussed below.

3D mirror wall stickers

These shatterproof 3D mirror wall stickers are removable and easy to clean. You do not need to make a lot of effort to install them. Usually, this type of sticker comes in different-sized pieces, so placing it is quite difficult, but when placed properly, it gives your interior an expensive look.

3D self-adhesive brick wall stickers

Another intriguing option is 3D Self-adhesive brick or stone wall stickers. These decals make your home look stylishlyand they are easy to remove if it is necessary Photo Tiles. The best place to put these stickers is your bedroom, but you can also place it on your gallery wall.

3D big tree wall decals

If you want to improve the looks of your living room, then stick the 3D big tree wall decals and place your wall-mounted televisionset beside it. This will give a fantastic effect without dipping in your pocket. You may also use the tree stickers in yourkids’ room and combine this solution with shelves.

3D frameless large wall clock

Apart from the stickers, you can also opt for a 3D frameless large wall clock. These accessories are designed in such a way that theywill look appropriate in any room. The energy saving battery used in these clocks also will save your time and money.


One of the elegantand easy ways to enhance the beauty of your home without spending much money is Wallpics. This is a wall décor option which can transform the overall look of your home and can make it appear expensive. Wall Pics Photo Tiles can be easily glued to the wall, and the double adhesive present on them ensures that they do not fall. The best thing about Wallpics is that when they are removed from the walls theydon’t leave any mark. You can move Wallpics from one room to another and use it multiple times. These photo tiles keep you free from tedious work of drilling screw holes in the wall to hang the framed photos.

Technically, these are self-adhesive wall picture tiles. The cost of a set of three photos is only $35 USD, and for each additional photo, you have to pay only US$9. You can celebrate your special moment with Wallpics, and you do not have pay for the shipping if you are residing in the US.

Metallic wall hanging

High-quality pure brass wall hangingsare usually very costly, but you can recreate the same look by choosing metallic wall hanging. It will look expensive and will not dip into your pocket the way real brass wall mounted heads and other brass decorative itemsdo. Still, in comparison to the rest options mentioned here, the metallic wall décor items are highly priced. You can opt for the metallic wall hangings if you want to give a regal look to your home.

Indoor lighting

You can easily go with cheap indoor lighting wall décor options. Indoor wall lighting items are quite trendy and have the potential to improve the overall look of your home. These days you can find some better options than the wall mounted lamps: two-way wall lights, modern wall sconces, etc. You can placethislighting in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or on your gallery wall, and it will make your home look luxurious.

Fringed mirror wall hangings

The fringed mirror can totally change your home interior. It will create an effect which you get from traditional Boho Photo tiles. The mirror is not anexpensiveaccessory, but it is able to transform the room by enhancing the natural lighting.


All the above-mentioned wall décor options are not very costly, but when placed properly, they can give a magnificent effect. However, one unique wall décor option that stands out from the crowd is Wallpics. This is a décor which is worth choosing as the transformation that it does to the interior of your home is splendid. All you need to do is download the Wallpicsapp from Google Play market or AppStore. After that, you can upload the selected pictures on the app, choose the size, and place the order. You can order Wallpics from anywhere across the globe, and your package will be delivered directly to the doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, place the order, and you will receive tones of the compliments from your friends and guests.