Best Portable CD Players for Kids 2019

If you wish to get digital entertainment for your child that would also help them listen and appreciate music, a CD player for your child would be the perfect gift. Nowadays there are different toys and electronic devices that are available for children but music accessories can be entertaining as well as educational.

If you want to ensure that your child has the right form of entertainment during their leisure hours, introduce them to the world of music with a portable CD player. With attractive designs that are available, you can get a model that is lightweight and attractive, as per the age range of your child.
There are several models of CD players for kids available in the market. Here is a look at what are the features you should consider when making a choice of such a device for your child this summer.
Benefits of a CD Player

With several electronic gaming and entertainment options for kids, you need to be clear as to what benefits a CD player will provide. While audiovisual entertainment is the easy choice these days, many parents are concerned about the effect of video games on the eyes and ears of their children. On the other hand, an audio accessory like a CD player will encourage children to listen to their favorite music, sing or dance along which are active exercises that are beneficial for the mind and body.
Listening to music helps in cognitive skill development. Parts of the brain that processes speech and language are built and improved through music. It helps children to also learn about the different genres of music and musical instruments.

CD Players Built for Kids

In general, if you have a high-end music player at home, you would be warning your children of these devices, simply because these are sophisticated devices whose buttons and other features need to be handled delicately. For such reasons, getting kids CD player models built for kids makes sense. These are built to be easy to carry around or manage as well as buttons and other features are hardier so that rough handling does not easily break down these devices.

Attractive Accessories

Children love to have entertainment on the go. For such reasons having a portable device that is attractive and fun would make children want to use such a device more. If you are planning a trip that would be long and boring for your child, it is best to get them a CD player they could carry along. It also becomes a fun accessory that they can carry along on play dates with their friends.

How to Make a Choice?

Before you make a choice among the different CD player models out there, ensure that the following factors are met:

  • Compatibility

The player should be able to play different kinds of audio formats and CDs.

  • Ease of Use

This should be a major criterion to decide on a CD player for your child. It should be easy to use, especially if your child is below 8 years of age. They should be able to figure out the functions such as power source on the player, how to insert a CD and playing tracks on it. If there are additional features such as microphones, children should be able to plug it in easily and sing along as required.

  • Durability

The item should be durable so that it can withstand rough handling by kids.

  • Additional Features

There are several additional features such as sing-along or karaoke options on CD players. Check for such options that would make it more fun and engage for your child.

  • Boom Box Feature

This is a feature that makes music more enjoyable for kids. The speakers allow more than one kid to listen in. In certain players, the boomboxes are designed to work plugged into wall power sockets or could run on batteries.

  • Design Features

When you are shopping for CD players for kids, there are attractive designs and fun elements that are incorporated in them. Check out the designs and themes in which CD players are designed for kids and choose one that would be appropriate for your child as per his or her age and preferences.

  • Sound Quality

This is another feature that should not be overlooked. It would be ideal to hear the sound quality of a device before you buy it. If you are purchasing it online, ensure that you look up customer testimonials or reviews of the product to understand this feature.

Best Portable CD Players for Kids 2019

Children’s CD Player with Boombox from Sakar

This is one of the models that have been recently launched. With the Trolls movie theme design on it, this player is perfect for your youngsters. They will love the player which has easy buttons for operating. It also has radios inbuilt in it. With a portable design, it is easy for kids to carry it along, wherever they go.

Sing Along CD Player 

This is another model made available by different brands. You can opt for this simple design that works with bright buttons on the top face of the device. What’s more, you can plug in USB as well through the port and play songs of MP3 formats. The player comes with two microphones and kids can sing along with their friends. The model is a portable one with anti-skip protection feature.
Portable CD Player for Kids - Wall Mounted Model

This is another product popular these days. You can place it on a desk as well as on the wall. There are multiple functions included that includes Bluetooth technology as well as FM radio, mp3 input through USB and so forth. This multi-functional CD player can be an excellent option for elders as well as for students.

The models above come with power AC adapters as well as battery operations. The power adapters are easy to plug in and the models are lightweight. Hence, they can prove ideal as entertainment devices for your kids.

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