4 Ivy-League Colleges That Offer More Than Just Education

Becoming a part of an Ivy college is a dream both parents and children see alike. And, there are good reasons for them to do so. This league of colleges are known for their academic excellence, selective admission process and esteemed alumni pool. Viewed as most prestigious in the world, the ‘Ivies’ are a breeding ground for achievers.

Offering some of the best programs in different subjects, these colleges open new horizons for its students. Some notable personalities like Barack Obama, George Bush also walked in the gates of these universities and came out with refined skills and a vision.


The Ivy League includes the following 8 universities in the Northeastern United States-

Brown University
Columbia University
Dartmouth University
Cornell University
Yale University
Princeton University
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania

Earlier the reason for sending your child to a university was simply to get a suitable degree. However, now more than ever, people take into consideration many other factors that have a bearing not just on their child’s career, but also his/her life.

So, although you may be looking at all these renowned universities from a common lens, here we have listed 4 universities that provide a more holistic experience:

  • Yale University- New Haven, Connecticut

Yale is the third oldest institution in the United States which was founded to train clergy and political leaders in the late 17th century.

With a diverse set of programs ranging from entrepreneurship, social enterprise, consumer insights and environment, Yale university prepares professional leaders.

Promoting creativity, Yale has annual drama series, art school, cappella group among other such initiatives. Moreover, Yale is the only university that has its Music school too. Also, the ‘Yale Record’ is the oldest humour magazine in the nation.

The university also facilitates international trips and encourages students to take up community service through its programs.

Its colleges have a stimulating environment helping students balance both studies and passions. Recently, one of its colleges also became the first to have its student-run cafe.

  • Harvard University- Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University, the oldest university in the US was founded in 1636. What makes Harvard an excellent launchpad for anyone are the resources it has. From an extensive library with the largest private collection in the world to the financial aid it provides for research initiatives, Harvard stands out.

The university has a variety of clubs like ‘The Crimson’ for journalism, ‘Lampoon’ for comedy and ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Appreciation club’ to promote extracurricular activities. Also, if students want to start any new club, the university provides funds for that too.

This Ivy provides convenient housing to a large chunk of students on campus itself, with each of the house equipped with their dining halls, gym, library and all.

  • University of Pennsylvania- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a pioneer in interdisciplinary education. This gives students much freedom to customise their specialisation as they want to.

With its commitment to give back to society, UPenn is also a national leader in education-based community service. Penn’s geographical unity is also unique among all Ivy schools as all twelve colleges are located on the same campus. This gives students a chance to network and interact with many more students.
Through its ‘Penn Integrates Knowledge Program,’ it encourages students to come up with practical solutions for real-world challenges. True to their founder Benjamin Franklin’s spirit of an action-oriented approach, this university produces movers and shakers of the society.

  • Cornell University- Ithaca, New York

Cornell University was established in 1865 as a co-educational institution.

With its diverse set of people ranging from winemakers to fibre experts, students get a chance to be surrounded by people having all kinds of aptitude. Moreover, to cater to all types of interests, it has 800+ student clubs. From Cornell racing, the social media club, entomology club, music bands and even squirrel club, students can discover an appreciation for everything while here.

Cornell also promotes off-campus passions through platforms like Cornell in Hollywood, Cornell Silicon Valley and many more of this kind. With classes in casino operations to Ethics of eating to Tree Climbing, Cornell has a great many options to indulge in.

Also, here students can reap the benefits of the university’s comprehensive alumni network.

So, if you want to realise your dream of seeing your child become a part of such renowned universities, then prepare thembe from a young age. For getting admission, they need to have excellent proficiency in the English language along with a good GPA score.

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Securing education from the best institutes in the world may look tough, but it’s not impossible. With the right planning and preparation, you can see your child soar into the sky of possibilities!