Cheer on: Way-O, Way-O, Uber’s anthem to energize Cricket World Cup fans is live now!

Way-O, Way-O! We’re on our Way-O!

Cricket World Cup 2019, one of the most awaited sporting events of the year is here!

What’s more exciting? Uber has released Way-O, Way-O, an anthem to energize fans and an estimated 1.5 billion viewers of one of the world’s most anticipated sports tournaments.

Way-O, Way-O, Uber’s signature anthem exemplifies the excitement of cricket lovers by giving them ONE unified voice to spread cheer and thereby bring fans closer together for the game they love. Uber aims to blend in fan love for the sport as well as affection for their favourite team to foster a spirit of solidarity at the event.

The rhythmic anthem is a cultural blend of harmonies, written by Sonal Dabral (Ogilvy) and composed, produced and curated by Michael (Mikey) McCleary. Promoting a truly global spirit of togetherness, acclaimed artists across five participating countries have put together Way-O, Way-O. The makers include Sanam, a popular Indian band known for its renditions of classical Bollywood songs, alongside other globally acclaimed artists such as Jahmiel (Jamaica), Catherine Taylor Dawson (United Kingdom), Simba Diallo (New Zealand) and Choir group - Khayelitsha United Mambazo (South Africa). It aims to strike a chord with the emotions that fans feel during the World Cup. We at Uber, are confident that the anthem will emerge as a strong symbol of cultural togetherness!

Sport and music have always evoked strong emotions and Uber’s Way-O, Way-O ignites these passions to celebrate the Cricket World Cup and also give fans something to cheer along their favourite teams.

This World Cup, let stadiums reverberate to the sound of unity, joy and exhilaration!

Let the Games begin!

-- Uber