How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Chrome

Картинки по запросу dark mode on youtube

Have you ever wondered how much time you actually spend peering at your screen every day? From day to day, you strain your eye when working or playing on your computer, which gradually lead to the deterioration of your eyesight. It should be noted that not only monitor manufacturers, but also software developers have directed their attention to the existing problem and came up with viable solutions. You, probably, have heard about a dark mode, also known as a night mode, a relatively new option that, according to developers, is more eye-friendly that its traditional bright-interface counterpart. Though there is no scientific evidence for the beneficial effect of the dark mode so far, dark mode developers keep on convincing us that it’s to our advantage to enable dark modes in our browsers in the low-light environments to give our eyes a break. It’s not a secret that such popular resources as Facebook and Google have already introduced the dark mode for their apps and websites, and lots of users are now using this mode successfully. Still, very few know that YouTube also features a hidden dark mode you can easily enable in various browsers. 

In our brief guide, we’re going to show you how to activate the night mode in the Google Chrome browser. Still, if Chrome isn’t your favorite browser, you can visit and learn how to turn on YouTube dark mode on Mozilla, Opera, and other browsers. So, let’s get it started!
To enable the hidden dark mode in YouTube, you’ll need to locate the corresponding toggle. Once you turn the desired mode on, you’ll be able to enjoy a new interface that will reduce the risk of your computer eye strain and make the process of watching your favorite videos more comfortable and enjoyable at night.

  • Though the dark mode is considered a handy option when utilized in low-light situations, it may prove to be useless in normally lit environments. 

So, if you decide to active the night mode on YouTube, it will extend throughout the entire site. This means that all your subscriptions, recommended videos, searches, and even the content you upload will be colored in the deep black color. Still, the dark mode doesn’t extend to the creator studio, which will switch back to the white interface.

To turn on the night mode for YouTube on the Google Chrome browser, you’ll need to follows a bunch of simple steps below. Still, before proceeding to enable the desired mode, make sure to log in to your YouTube account.

First, open the Chrome developer tools. To do it quickly, press Ctrl, Shift, and I simultaneously, if you’re using Windows. Alternatively, you may press F12. Mac users should select Option, Command, and I to access the tools.

Activate YouTube Dark Mode

After that, locate the Console button and click on it. You’ll need to copy and paste the following command into the corresponding field:

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; path=/”

If the command proves to be ineffective, try:


Then, you can exit your tools section and refresh your browser page.

At this point, you should sign in to your account again, if necessary, and proceed with enabling the dark mode. 

Click your YouTube profile image and head to the “Dark Mode” section. Once there, locate the Dark Mode toggle and activate the corresponding slider. The change should come into effect immediately. Note that the setting will apply to Chrome only. 


Now that you know how to turn on YouTube dark mode, it’s high time that you tried it out. Fire up Chrome and toggle the desired mode on. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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