Six budget friendly tips for the perfect travel experience

195 countries and countless experiences. How does one even think of traveling to substantial parts of this world? Career, family and everyday life leaves so little time for the pursuit of exploration. So is quitting your job is the only way to chase your travel dreams? But then how do you manage money, family and relationships?

Manisha Singh who is an avid solo traveller, quit her corporate job in 2016 to travel-hop because that is what makes her happy. From visiting the Himalayas to back-packing to the Andes, she has mastered slow travel, strengthened relationships and most importantly become a travel hacker!

So if you are looking to become travel solo, Manisha has some tips that can come in handy while planning for a trip:

●     Flights: Slow travel allows you to choose the cheapest flight out of a country on a non-busy day.

●     Food: Always carry snacks on so that you don't end up buying expensive meals out of desperation and if you want to try something new, ask for a smaller serving for a lesser price even if it's not on the menu. Most of the time it works.

●     Things to see and what to do: Always research about the destination before going there and find out about the must visit places beforehand. Fellow travellers who are leaving and the hotel staff can also be helpful in suggesting the famous places around

●     Making friends: Make sure you don’t hesitate before starting a conversation with fellow travellers in hostel common rooms or even when you visit restaurants/cafes. This is a great way to make new friends.

●     Stay: Make sure you compare the prices of multiple hostels before booking one for yourself. Also keep a tab on the offers they render.

●     Hiking: While planning for a hike, carry tea bags/ coffee sachets as hot water is cheaper than tea/coffee and also carry ready to eat noodles to avoid buying an extra meal when in time of need.

To talk more about her experiences, Manisha is going to be part of a faceoff organized by Niyozen, a community powered by Niyo Global Card which intends to help Indians maximise their international trips. The details of the meetup are as below:

Date: Sunday, 2nd June 2019

Venue: Doolally Taproom, Khar

Time: 4 to 8pm

Entry: Free, RSVP@9819954815