Stay healthy with smart diabetic-friendly technology from Taiwan

Diabetes is rapidly gaining the status of an epidemic of the 21st century. According to WHO, approximately 72 million Indians have diabetes. The number is expected to double up by 2025. Across the world, the prevalence of the chronic disease is increasing at an alarming rate. The International Diabetes Federation states that about 7 million cases of diabetes are reported each year, worldwide.

Stay healthy with smart diabetic-friendly technology from Taiwan

Health care professionals assert that major cause of the non-communicable disease is sedentary lifestyle, erratic work schedules, and stress. In many cases, family history of diabetes is a risk factor. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise lead to obesity, a major cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is a very complex health condition that affects the entire body. Generally, adults in their 50s and 60s are more likely to get affected. Nowadays, the prevalence among children and adults is increasing.

People suffering from diabetes are unable to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose or blood sugar in the body. Our body gets glucose from the food we eat. It is the main source of energy to our body.

Insulin, a hormone produced by pancreas help convert the sugars from food into energy needed by our body for daily functions. If our body does not produce enough insulin then the sugars in the blood do not get converted into energy and reach every cell of the body. The sugars stay in the blood and do not reach the cells.

High blood sugar can cause serious health complications. Uncontrolled blood sugar can severely damage the blood vessels in the body and cause fatal health problems.

Key to controlling and managing diabetes is detecting at a pre-diabetic or an early stage. The Taiwanese brand ProtectLife has developed a safe and convenient clinical testing system that can detect diabetes accurately at an early stage. It has received this year’s Taiwan Excellence award for innovation and quality.

ProtectLife’s technology is a spectrum-based multi-analyte detection platform designed to enable *9quick, easy, and simultaneous monitoring of biomarkers in a micro-sample. Combination of multi-test reagent discs, such as the complications of diabetes panel, renal panel, liver panel, cardiovascular panel, comprehensive metabolic panel and Albumin/Creatinine Ratio (ACR) urine test, the analyser is capable of testing up to 10 markers in one time.

With a small volume blood requirement, rapid analysis capability and easy operation convenience, the analyser is suitable for the designated Point-of-Care locations, such as clinics, care centres, a nursing home, ambulance, community health centres, schools, corporate health centres, remote areas, medical and clinical laboratory and other applications.

Once a person is detected with diabetes, he must consume healthy food, take medications regularly and exercise to stay fit. Exercising helps lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, preventing weight gain, keeping heart healthy and increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It also helps in the long run to prevent fatal health complications arising from the disease.

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