Successful treatment of CPC (caesarean scar pregnancy) in JP Hospital

Successfully Laparoscopic treatment, Future fertility preserved

Successful treatment of CPC (caesarean scar pregnancy) in JP Hospital

May 21, 2019, Noida - Caesarean is a process which is often adopted for the protection of a mother & child, and sometimes it depends on the pregnant woman's specific case. With changing lifestyle, Caesarean operation is seeing a rising trend, along with its associated problems. One such condition is the CSP (caesarean Scar pregnancy) which means pregnancy happening in the layers of precious caesarean scar. People have very little information about this disease, to aware people about this & provide them specific information are now become more important. People don’t have much information about this rare condition which occurs in 1 in 2500 women & can lead to complication, which may not only compromise future fertility, but may also prove to be life threatening.

A few days ago, MRS…… approached Jaypee hospital with c/o sever pain in abdominal has contacted here. She suddenly felt some pain in his caesarean strains, Nine months ago, she had a Caesarean delivery in another hospital.
After an ultrasound at JP Hospital, She had a strong caesarean scar & there was a pregnancy of about 6 weeks in the uterus. DR. Jyoti Mishra and her team decided to perform hystero-laparoscopy to confirm the location of pregnancy. Caesarean scar was removed along with the pregnancy 8ac & layered closure was done through Laparoscopic to give with minimal. It was also ensured that the entire surgery of the bleeding was took place, and there was no hindrance in pregnancy in the future.

DR. Jyoti Mishra, Associate Director (Obstetrics and Gynecologist), JP Hospital says, "It is truth that the number of Caesareans is increasing due to the changing lifestyle, the complexity associated with it are also growing fast. One of these is the CSP (caesarean scar pregnancy), this is a rare condition and which is difficult to diagnostic & manage competency & expertize of treating doctors dealing is important in such challenging cases. Successful treatment of such cases needs a tertiary care hospital.

Indeed, any Pregnancy outside the womb is called Caesareans Scar Pregnancy, and when it happen in the layers of Caesarean scar. There is a risk of heavy bleeding and uterus rupture, or need emergency operation & sometimes even removal of uterus.
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