10 good reasons for travelling with a motorhome

Travelling with a motorhome means the same as having full freedom. Thousands of families have already chosen a motorhome travelling, creating new memories with the people they love.

If you haven’t experienced this, and you are considering becoming a full-time motorhome enthusiast then you've come to the right place! Here are 10 good reasons for travelling with a motorhome.

10 good reasons for travelling with a motorhome
Image Credit - Luke Porter

1. Adaptability

While travelling with a motorhome, you can forget about planning every second of your holidays. How many times have you come back from your holidays thinking "I need a vacation"? Being on-the-road makes it possible to make unplanned stops during your trip and suddenly decide to go somewhere else. If, for example, you fall in love with a particular place, you can just spend more time there. Travelling with a motorhome you can freely extend each break in your journey before you start driving again.

2. Home-like amenities

Living in the motorhome, you have everything that you need available at your fingertips. You are free to do what you like. Just like at home. No weight restrictions on luggage, no carry bag size! Of course, you have to choose your equipment wisely and organize the space you have at your disposal in the best possible way. However, you can relax and nobody can tell you what to do. If you need a comfortable vehicle, with all the necessary amenities, check the Oaktree Motorhomes offer.

3. Pets on-board 

Visiting new places is exciting, however, people who have pets usually miss them very much during their holidays. If you choose to travel with a motorhome, you don't have to ask your neighbours to look after your pets while you're away. There is plenty of room for them on board, and if you intend to visit places filled with nature, they will be really happy.

4. Reasonability

Travelling can be costly sometimes! But if you choose to travel with a motorhome it’s possible to cut some major expenses. Travel and accommodation costs are reduced. Some models of motorhomes have even up to 7 seats. The money-saving adds more pleasure to a journey and time spent together.

5. Being together

When talking about being together, what can be better than travelling with a motorhome to strengthen the family bonds and get acquainted with new travel companions? First and foremost a motorhome has been developed with a housing unit that is in contact with the driver's seat!

6. Making new experiences

Becoming a motorhome enthusiast also means getting the opportunity to encounter many new people and coming home rich in experiences. Perhaps, after the journey, you will write a couple of pages of interesting stories in your blog or a personal diary. And who knows, maybe next time you begin your motorhome travel, you will visit some old friends met on the road.

7. Independence but never solitude

Even if you are on a solo trip, when you travel with a motorhome you are never alone. Neither when you want to have fun or when you need help. Also, you can make stops at places where you can easily make new friends. Festivals, hostels, bars are perfect places for solo motorhome traveller. Just be open and friendly and you will never feel alone on the road. Moreover, you can travel with your dog or cat to feel loved 24h a day.

8. Stunning places

Travelling with a motorhome enables you to get in touch with nature. No other means of transport makes it possible to delve into breathtaking landscapes so intensely. Imagine waking up in the morning in front of a lake, or enjoying the starry sky and the sunset in a privileged position.

9. Value and Responsibility

During a motorhome trip, each passenger has specific tasks; Even the smallest passengers can get tested, by getting a specific responsibility, so that they feel that they are contributing to the holiday itself. For example, you can assign cleaning a kitchen or emptying trash to your child.
10. Kitchen, bed and bathroom always with you

Having all the necessary amenities with you is very comfortable. This way every need is met, no matter where you are. You can cook your favourite pancakes enjoying the mountains view. Or you can take a shower while parking in front of a huge canyon. There are endless possibilities of where and how you can use your motorhome equipment.

As you can see, there are many reasons for travelling motorhome. Planning the whole trip, preparing all the necessary gear and equipment, and finally enjoying life on the road is totally worth trying. We hope that after reading this article you will become a true motorhome enthusiast and if you haven’t tried travelling with a motorhome, you will change it very soon.

Have a good trip!