Amazing Ideas for the First Date

Butterflies in the stomach, goosebumps on your arms and sweat on your forehead; these are the things first dates bring along with them. No matter if one is still dating or not in touch anymore, one can always remember the details of their first dates. If you have your first date coming up, then this article is just for you. Keep reading to find out some fantastic ideas for this upcoming date.

 A New Experience

This idea is not too specific because it prioritises the choices of your date. Ask your date the things they have never done in life. It could ice-skating, it could be a candlelight dinner or a movie under the sky. To have a new experience on a first date is a lifetime experience, it could be the most unforgettable experience. The purpose of the first date is to enhance the bond of the couple, and unique experience can add sparkle to it. The date will be fun, interesting, and exciting.

Go bowling

Add some competition to add some thrill on the first date. Bowling can be a great idea as it leaves a lot of space for some sweet and funny conversations. If you’re good at bowling, it’s even better. It would be a perfect opportunity to show off your bowling skills.

A Workout Class

If both of you are fond of working out or planning to join the gym, keep your first date at the gym. Attend a Zumba or an Athletics class together; it will surely pace up the heart of your date.

Sing at a Karaoke Bar

Set your date in a karaoke bar and see how the magic of music engulfs both of you. It could be a perfect plan to bond over singing. Don't worry if you are bad at singing; instead, it's a blessing in disguise. Bad singing can make your date laugh and fall for you on the very first date.

Long Drives

If any of you own a car, plan a long drive. A long ride is perfect for long conversations, and long conversations are great for bonding. It will be an excellent opportunity to know each other. It's an all-time favourite first date idea.

Visiting a scenic point

If both of you are nature lovers, consider going to a beautiful spot and witness the beauty of nature together. Take your crush to some nature-friendly location in your city. Nothing could be more romantic than sitting and seeing the sunset together.

A picnic

On a bright sunny day, you can plan to go out for a nice picnic in your favourite park. Take some food items and games along with you. You can also surprise your date by getting some food made by yourself. Play some outdoor games like badminton or volleyball, and it would be a great day out for both of you.

Ice Skating

Most people don’t really consider this idea for their first dates, because it is romantic yet clumsy at the same time. As soon as both of you enter the skating rink and your body starts shaking, it will bring the perfect opportunity to hold hands and skate together. You will fall, and you will laugh, that’s how this date will become a lifetime memory. So go ice skating, fall on the floor and fall for each other.

Attending a baking class

Baking classes are much in trend these days. If your date agrees, take your date to a baking class. It will be fun to see each other failing to do things taught in the class. If you end up baking a good cake, amazing! If not, the date is still successful. The cake can be ordered from India Cakes as well. Simply order it online and it will be delivered to your date's doorstep.

Wandering in your city

Hop onto a tourist bus and become a tourist in your town. It will be fun to explore the same places with another person. You can also cover areas you have missed out on before. Plan a full day out, travel, explore, eat, and have loads of fun!


Usually, couples go on a date for lunch and dinner, but how many go for breakfast? Not many! And you can be a part of these many. Take your date for breakfast and start your day together. But before you ask your date out, make sure they don't hate waking up early in the morning. This way, it could be a disastrous first date.

Food Festivals

Who doesn't like food? And who could say no to a food festival? These days food festivals have become really popular. There are music, games, and food. Take your date to a food festival, try some lip-smacking delights, play some games and it would be a fantastic date.

You can pick any of the date ideas mentioned above but remember that the place won't be enough to impress your date. You need to create a great impression on the first date. Keep your conversations interesting and spirits high. Try to know the other person as nothing is more attractive than a person being genuinely interested in knowing who you really are.