Changes in lifestyle can prevent severe liver ailment known as hepatitis

Srinagar:  With the lifestyle changes, sedentary changes such as consuming uncovered food, water and frequent consumption of alcohol can cause hepatitis. Due to excessive and frequent consumption of alcohol liver swells and becomes inflamed.

Hepatitis ranges from mild to severe which can give birth to serious life-threatening complications. The most common cause of hepatitis A and hepatitis E virus is jaundice and it transmitted through the infected food and water. Most of the cases are observed in summers and monsoon seasons. These are usually mild percentage of cases but can result in liver failure and death of the patient.

Changes in lifestyle can prevent severe liver ailment known as hepatitis

  “Other than lifestyle changes, the common causes of hepatitis are viruses like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. These are transmitted by infusion with blood or blood products which have not been screened properly, or by sexual transmission or an infected mother to a new born baby. These viruses can damage the liver in slow and progressive manner which causes life-threatening diseases like cirrhosis of liver, chronic liver failure and it also increases the chances of developing liver cancer. Hepatitis B is present in inactive or active form in 3-5% of Indians and Hepatitis C in 1% if Indians. There is effective vaccine available for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A, but not for other viruses.” Said Dr. Vivek Raj, Sr. Director & Sr. Consultant Gastroenterology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

The diagnoses of hepatitis consist of normal blood tests which are performed for the confirmation of damage in the liver.  The various tests performed to determine the hepatitis include liver function test (LFT), ultrasound, antibody testing etc.

“The treatment of hepatitis depends on its type, and whether the infection acute or chronic. For hepatitis A and B complete bed rest, special diet and dehydration is advised. Chronic hepatitis requires regular monitoring and care to see whether the growth of virus is progressive or not. For both acute and chronic hepatitis antiviral medications are advised. Patients who develop liver scarring or liver failure due to chronic hepatitis C are advised liver transplantation. Hepatitis C is treated with injections known as alpha interferon. Hepatitis E is acute, and it resolves on its own” Added Dr Raj

People with hepatitis are advised to take timely medications, adequate sleep, drink plenty of water and fluids, and avoid alcohol consumption..