Exposure to high temperatures in summers can affect the brain in the long run

Ranchi:  The soaring temperatures in the summers not only affect your overall health
but particularly may also affect your brain functioning in the long term. High
temperature leads to dehydration and the reduced water content are linked to cause
stress anxiety, severe and recurrent headaches, ultimately causing confusion and
brain related ailments in the longer run.
“Summers bring immense rise in temperature that worsens headaches, one of the
most common ailments. Moreover, as the use of perfumes and deodorants increase in
summers, most of the persons allergic to it have severe levels of induced headaches.
Elderly population find it hard during the summers, as dehydration not only reduces
their water levels but also the sweat depletes the sodium levels. Insufficient sodium
levels leads to weakness, confusion, slurry speech which may be accompanied by
seizures and be fatal. It is thus advised especially for the elderly population to stay
well hydrated and avoid direct sunlight exposure.” Said Dr Chandril Chugh, Senior
consultant and Interventional Neurology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
Summer months causes excessive fluid losses which can severely affect the brain in
most scary ways. Dehydration is one of the most vital causes known to cause impaired
drainage of veins in the brain, leading to a condition known as cerebral venous sinus
thrombosis. Such kind of strokes can be life threatening and cause irreversible
damage affecting the complete body like paralysis.
“High temperatures are also an enemy for existing migraine sufferers, which can
worsen their condition. People with physically active jobs, sportspersons and athletes
are at a very high risk of dehydration with over a litre loss of water from their body
every hour. Consuming water at frequent and regular intervals may subside the
symptoms of headache due to exposure to sun.” he added
Amidst all the chaos, brain fog is one of the most common symptoms that high
temperature affects the brain. Such instances can happen to anyone with symptoms
including loss of attention and concentration in the midst of a conversation.
In summers water is the key element to prevent major complications. Choosing an
electrolyte based solution can also work wonders but need to be beware of the sugar
content. It is advised for an average healthy person to consume atleast 2-3 liters of
water a day.

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