Gadgets You Need if You Spend a Lot of Time Outdoors

Gadgets You Need if You Spend a Lot of Time Outdoors
Image credit - Scott Goodwill

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, whether you’re working, camping or just relaxing in your backyard, life suddenly becomes a lot simpler. Clean air, sunshine, trees and green growing things all remind you of the basics that nature provides. And when it comes to other basic necessities, like food, water, entertainment, and personal safety, well, there are gadgets for that.

The world of high tech takes the outdoors seriously, and has turned to making your time spent outside safer and more comfortable. From solar-powered cooking stoves and phone chargers to a wireless weather station, there are gadgets to handle all your basic needs. And some luxuries as well, like Bluetooth speakers and portable expresso machines.

What Gadgets Do You Need Outdoors? 

If you made a Venn diagram of outdoor enthusiasts and high tech inventors, chances are that you would get two overlapping circles. This means that high tech designers and inventors have put a lot of effort into making a range of gadgets that provide food, drink, entertainment and even weather safety information when you’re outside your home. You could be gardening, or attending a music festival, or hiking, but that doesn’t mean you have to be without the basic necessities. And a few luxuries as well.

Solar Powered Oven

Being outdoors is hungry work, whether you’re camping, working on the farm or even just napping in a hammock in the backyard. But cooking outdoors used to involve a lot of fuss and bother and messing around with gas tanks, charcoal and fires. For many years, solar powered ovens were a brilliant idea just waiting for the right tech to come along, and it’s here now. And it’s changing the way you cook outdoors.

Solar powered ovens are lightweight and portable, so they’re easy to take along wherever you’re going. They’re also easy to set up, and you don’t need any fuel, so you won’t be lugging around gas canisters or bags of charcoal. They can achieve temperatures of up to 550F and cook a meal in twenty minutes. Best of all, they’re environmentally friendly, and there’s no risk of starting forest fires because there are no flames.

Portable Solar Charger

When it comes to harnessing the power of the sun, designers have gone portable. So you can use solar energy not only at home or in an RV or camper, but also if you’re hiking. If you’re working in the barn or weeding potatoes, you can still take your music with you without needing batteries.     Portable solar chargers will recharge your phone, tablet and other mobile devices with a single lightweight, portable device.

These ecofriendly devices are built tough to handle life outdoors. They’re also very weather resistant, and a little rain or dust won’t stop them.

Portable Espresso Machine 

This is something of a luxury, though many coffee lovers may well define a cup of good coffee as a necessity. There are several different designs on the market, so you can choose between single cup and multiple cup sizes, and also between battery or electric operated espressos makers and hand-powered ones. Some use prefilled coffee pods, while others will take any kind of ground coffee. So you’re never far from a great cup of coffee, no matter where you go.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Like coffee, music is for many people a necessity for survival. With Bluetooth speakers, you can survive in style, and let the world know about it, too. Wireless Bluetooth speakers will amplify sound from your mobile devices like tablets and phones. They’re ultraportable, waterproof and shockproof, and run on rechargeable batteries.
You can bring them along in your car as well, and any time you’re traveling, to enjoy your favorite music anytime. Headphones are provided for those times when you need to listen quietly.

Personal Weather Station

Safety matters when you’re outside, and with all the bad weather we’ve been having, it can be important to get advance warning of severe thunderstorms and flooding. We’ve become used to relying on weather forecasts and apps, but these can’t predict sudden storms and weather changes. The information they relay may be from weather monitoring stations that are located twenty or thirty miles from you, and may not be perfectly accurate.
Personal weather stations monitor weather conditions at your location, and give you warning of any approaching storms or bad weather. They will track temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction and also rainfall amounts to give you an accurate picture of actual weather conditions.

All of these handy gadgets make your time spent in the great outdoor even better. Not only do they provide the basic necessities of life, they’re lightweight, portable, and best of all, ecofriendly.