HONOR announces new campaign – You Deserve Better; promises better for all

New Delhi, June 4, 2019: In an endeavor to enable consumers to have the best smartphone experience, HONOR, a global leading smartphone e-brand has today launched 360-degree campaign “You Deserve Better”. The campaign is aimed at reiterating HONOR’s commitment to deliver better every time and with the upcoming HONOR 20 series, HONOR will deliver unmatched photography capabilities, superior design and ultimate user experience that resonates with global youth.

HONOR announces new campaign – You Deserve Better; promises better for all

The campaign addresses an aspiration that is innate to every human being that is to ‘expect more, be more’. Setting new standards for quality lifestyle products with cutting-edge design, the campaign highlights the role of HONOR in uplifting the life of its consumers by enabling them to make the most of everyday through smartphones that provide breakthrough technologies, helping consumers stay ahead. Given the role phones play in consumer’s lives, people have no other option but to make these suboptimal relationships work; carry battery banks, keep deleting pictures, re-booting phones, etc. The HONOR 20 series with its innovative design, user experience and great performance will change the way consumers interact with their smartphones, and bring forth an intuitive new experience.

Talking about the new campaign, Suhail Tariq, CMO, HONOR India said, “With the smartphone industry adopting technology at such a rapid pace, consumers today are more empowered and better informed than ever before. Consumers today expect quality design, best in-class cameras and high performance. With our new campaign “You Deserve Better”, we not only want to meet these aspirations, but also keep pushing boundaries to continue to remain the most preferred choice for consumers.”

The campaign is ideated and executed by Mullen Lintas. Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Vikas Mehta, CEO, Mullen Lintas said, “HONOR, is one of the fastest growing handset brands in the world, and is known globally for its innovation and connect with the youth. The brand aims to bring top end innovation at great value to users and caters to a segment we call, upgraders. HONOR 20 series is a great example of devices with specs that meet or beat most flagships. As a true challenger brand, we chose to target people who are stuck with their overpriced flagship phone that often lets them down. This series of content-pieces aims at stirring that dissonance amongst people through a strong point of view from HONOR, that #YouDeserveBetter.”

“YouDeserveBetter” is an integrated campaign that captures the product proposition from HONOR but also addresses the aspirations that the young thrive on. The new films showcases different challenges consumers face with their smartphones, be it battery, limited camera capabilities, and highlights how HONOR 20 series will set new standards in these experiences. The HONOR 20 series with its wide-angle lens, low light photography capabilities and ultra-clear zoom will redefine smartphone photography and the films showcase these capabilities and more.

“The brief was to establish HONOR as the mobile with the best camera in the industry. The entire idea came from a simple consumer insight that most of us are extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with our current phones. The phones we once loved have betrayed us and we are stuck in a bad relationship. HONOR will be the new found love for those who are repenting their bad decisions. We picked simple stories of people who are in love but can’t enjoy a single moment together because of their partner, their existing mobile phone doesn’t respond. Thereby telling the consumers that they deserve better.”

Also, enclosed are the credit details of the team from Mullen Lintas involved in the campaign.

Saurabh Sabikhi (CD)
Sanya Malik (Sr. BSM)
Someshwar (AVP)
BLOOM PRODUCTION HOUSE (Director - Harshavardhan Kulkarni)
Sindhu S Panicker (GCD)
KR Ganesh (Sr. VP)
Ekta Relan (National Planning Director)
BLOOM PRODUCTION HOUSE (Executive Producer- Raja)
Sarab Jit Singh (UCD)
Syed Amjad Ali (President)

Subhajit Mukherjee (Music Director)
Garima Khandelwal (CCO)
Vikas Mehta (CEO)

Azazul Haque (CCO)


HONOR is a global leading smartphone e-brand. The brand was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, HONOR has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

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