Let’s Get Married: What is the Best Age?

Have you ever planned your life 10 or 20 years ahead? We bet you do. As a teenager, you planned to finish high school, get to college or university, obtain a diploma, and start your professional career. Apart from that, you thought of leading your personal life, and the idea of getting married seemed pretty apparent at a certain period of your life. Finding the right person also seemed to happen by itself; at least, this idea is still promoted by the movies and love songs. However, growing up, the majority of people realize that marriage is an essential step, and it should happen at the right time with the right person. “Let’s get married,” said a man or woman does not mean that they are ready to assume responsibility that follows this decision.

It is hard to determine the best age to get married, though. It is wrong to tell everyone the best age for this is 25 or 30. This is wrong because our passport age can differ from the psychological one. However, we can at least name the timeframes when a person can make such a decision.

Let’s Get Married: What is the Best Age?

What age is right for marriage in different countries?

Marriage today is not perceived as something necessary for men and women to lead a social life. In the majority of developed countries, young people can live together in a civil marriage without any legal commitments. However, every new generation marries later than the previous, and this is a global trend. At the same time, there are still countries where the average marriage age is considerably lower than in the U.S. and Europe.

The contrast strikes if we compare countries with low and high income. For example, people in wealthy countries like Nordic ones do not get married until they reach their mid-thirties. Before that, they build a career, travel, earn for a living, etc. Citizens of poor African countries marry before they turn 20. However, this correlation does not cover all cases. If we compare the U.S. and Chile, the marriage age would be similar despite the difference in the income of citizens.

Another general trend is that women marry earlier than men. There is a growing difference in the marriage age for males and females, which depends from 2 years to 5 and more in the Arabic countries. Still, the world’s average age grow from 21.8 to 24.7 years for women, with age for men rising in the equivalent amount. Unfortunately, such occasions as child marriage are still widespread across the world. We are used to attributing this to some nations, but, in fact, such practices exist in the U.S. as well. There are at least 39 other countries where 20% of women got married before they turned 18.

Divorce rates are getting higher as well. The U.S. is an extreme outlier, so it is even hard to find the right statistics for this country. Other record-breaking countries are Russia, Kazakhstan, Northern, and Western Europe, etc. Many people change their status from “we got married” to “divorced” within the first year of life together. This fact proves a lack of maturity, awareness of the married life, and its mutual obligations. Moreover, many countries also favor marriage contract signing to simplify the court proceedings in case of a divorce.

There are plenty of reasons why marriages that seemed to be made in heaven end up bad. People do not take their new role seriously. They handle family matters in the way they used to deal with troubles before committing. Unfortunately, the inability to communicate and act together negatively impact even the most loving couples. Moreover, some people develop unrealistic expectations before marriage and get disappointed when their significant others fail to live up to them. Such reasons certify immaturity of those who decided to start a family to accept and respect their partners.

Marriages between young people often end because of a lack of attention to their loved ones. When you are married young, you approximately study somewhere, therefore, you do not have time for the married life and your partner at all.

For example, students find it hard to balance education, part-time job, and family because two most significant periods of their lives stuck together: private life and study. It certainly reflects on their success in all those spheres. To see more time for their significant others and ease their academic burden, they often think about sharing their tasks with someone else. In the net, you can find lots of requests like write my essay for me cheap or write my diploma as soon as possible, it means that there are lots of the services eager to help students with all possible tasks connected with studying proceeding. Professionals do everything within the shortest period, and you spend time with your beloved ones. Thus, many such couples realize that their decision to get married was not rational but rather emotional. They cannot maintain such a lifestyle, and their marriage ends.

Pros and cons of getting married at each generation

Let’s Get Married: What is the Best Age?

Getting married is not that simple. It is essential to wish to deal with troubles together rather than immediately seek other options sideways. Our parents and grandparents improved their relationship growing love and respect out of affection and emotions they had in the beginning. They did not part their ways even during the times of wars or economic troubles. Religion was also the factor that kept their ties together.

The current generation has more freedom to act. We can achieve more, drive progress, look for, and fulfill new opportunities. Getting married is regaining its popularity, but youth takes it less severe than their parents. It is merely a new form of a relationship for young people; they do not see the responsibility and hard work that follows this step. A lack of education and commitment becomes the main factor that causes so many couples to sever their vows and walk out of marital obligations.

The main criteria for a happy marriage should be the maturity of both people. You can be satisfied with your partner at any age if you both desire to cherish love and contribute to your marriage. It is a daily work and art to keep love, respect, and a necessary degree of personal space in your relationship. If you want to be with this person, you can surely get over the turmoil of life and live happily.