Moderate exercise during pregnancy doubles the chances of normal deliveries

Varanasi: With the vastly changing lifestyle and the depleting manual household work, moderate exercise has become very important for pregnant women. Exercise as instructed by the doctor not only helps for a healthy full term pregnancy but also raises the chances of normal delivery by 90%.

A caesarean section can have a lot of health complications in women, beginning with the complications of anaesthesia. Post partum recoveries are delayed and are also prone to recurrent fever, pain throughout the body especially the spinal cord. As a women undergoing C-section are highly vulnerable to heavy blood loss in comparison to normal delivery, women may feel the weakness for a longer time and prone to develop clots in veins. Moreover, the chances of developing an ectopic pregnancy or caesarean scar pregnancy double in the second pregnancy if the first one is C-section.

“As most of the working women barely have time for physical activity required as per the norms, should and must exercise moderately to increase their chances of normal delivery. For a healthy pregnant woman, it is recommended to indulge in moderate intensity aerobic activity which includes brisk walking, cycling, or modified yoga. Start 5 minutes walking per day and gradually increase 30 minutes per day. To prevent dehydration, plenty of water should be consumed after exercise.” Said Dr. Manju Khemani, Director & Head - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Even thought the actual reason behind initiation of labour pain is unknown, but most of the women prefer c-section in order to detour the pain, which otherwise could have been a normal delivery. As per the recent data provided by the National Family Health Survey 2018, shows that at National level, the rates of caesarean deliveries have doubled over the past decade while it has increased in the past two decades. Also the rates of c-section are much higher in private hospitals in comparison to Public hospitals.

There is a common myth that regular exercising during pregnancy can lead to preterm birth. Scientific studies have proven that Aerobic exercise for 35-90 minutes 3-4 times per week during pregnancy can be safely performed by normal-weight women with singleton, uncomplicated pregnancy because this is not associated with an increased risk of preterm birth or with a reduction in mean gestational age at delivery.

Studies have also shown that exercise during pregnancy is associated with a significantly higher incidence of vaginal delivery and a significantly lower incidence of caesarean delivery. Pregnant women who engage in physical activities in their leisure time are more likely to deliver normally. So exercising during pregnancy inclines a pregnant woman towards the normal delivery. It also helps with weight management, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in obese women, and enhances psychological well-being. Before starting any regular exercise routine it’s essential to take permission from your obstetrician.” added Dr Khemani