Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, there are so many options available on the market. Regardless of your personal preferences, there really is something for everyone from exotic to regular varieties and so much more. Whether you are dieting and looking for the perfect treat for your sweet tooth, hoping to create some decadent desserts, or simply in search of that ideal gift for someone special; this wide variety of chocolate offers the perfect solution.

Milk Chocolate

The vast majority of chocolate lovers prefer the sweet taste of milk chocolate. This undeniably popular sweet treat is made up using powdered milk, condensed milk, or liquid milk, a minimum of 10% cocoa, cocoa butter, and added sugar. Because the taste of milk chocolate is sweet rather than strong, it is the most widely enjoyed type of chocolate and while it is most commonly enjoyed as is, milk chocolate can also be used in several delicious dessert recipes, such as milk chocolate and peanut butter cups.

Dark Chocolate

If you are health conscious and in search of that ideal treat that is actually good for you, dark chocolate is one tasty option. Not only is this type of chocolate perfect for individuals who are dieting, but it is also significantly healthy for your heart. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition to this, it does not contain tons of unhealthy added sugar, which means that you can enjoy the occasional treat without any guilt.

When searching for quality dark chocolate, checking the cocoa content is the best way to establish both taste and quality. The cocoa content will range anywhere from 25% to 100%, although, ideally, chocolate that contains 70% and higher will offer a stronger and more refined chocolate taste. However, there are also a few different types of dark chocolate that accommodate different taste preferences.

Semisweet dark chocolate has a slightly sweeter taste in comparison to bittersweet dark chocolate that contains significantly less added sugar and both can be used for baking mouthwatering desserts. If you’re after the highest quality dark chocolate out there, couverture chocolate is in a class of its own. This type of chocolate contains a pleasingly high amount of cocoa and it can be used for dipping, garnishing, and molding.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is by far, the creamiest of them all. However, is only contains milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. Despite the desirably creamy texture of milk chocolate, it lacks cocoa solids and other chocolate defining compounds. Even though white chocolate cannot compare to milk chocolate and dark chocolate, it can be used to garnish cookies, as a tasty cake frosting, and in several sweet dessert recipes.

Raw Chocolate

This type of chocolate is usually promoted as the healthiest chocolate because it is not processed and does not contain any added ingredients. Finding raw chocolate may be somewhat trying, considering that it is mostly available in countries known for growing chocolate. Eating raw chocolate can lower pressure and reduce blood clots, while also drastically reducing the risks of heart disease.

Compound Chocolate

While compound chocolate is not considered as genuine chocolate is most regions, it does resemble chocolate and is often used for baking as an affordable chocolate alternative and as a candy coating. It is made with a combination of cocoa and vegetable fat in place of cocoa butter.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is the cocoa solids that remain after all the cocoa butter has been removed. This form of chocolate is usually used to add a chocolate flavor to baked goods and for chocolate drinks, such as hot chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate

This chocolate is made by melting down chocolate and adding corn syrup, golden syrup, or glucose syrup to create a chocolate paste that is usually used to create cake chocolate toppings for cakes and tasty pastries.

Ruby Chocolate 

Ruby chocolate is a fairly new creation of chocolate that has only been available to the public since 2017. It is made using ruby cocoa beans, which gives the chocolate an appealing red color and altogether a different flavor that can be described as fruity as it is both sweet and sour. As with most types of chocolate, ruby chocolate can be enjoyed as is, or as a topping for baked treats.

The Incredible Versatility Of Chocolate

Several different types of chocolates are widely available and while each different type offers its own unique flavor, each is also extremely versatile when it comes to uses. While most of these chocolates can simply be enjoyed at is, they can also be used in numerous different chocolatey recipes to create desserts. Various decadent desserts can also be made using a combination of different types of chocolates to please the taste buds of chocolate lovers.