Awe-Inspiring Homes and Buildings Made out of Old Airplanes

Awe-Inspiring Homes and Buildings Made out of Old Airplanes

When it comes to travelling around the world, the experience of taking an airplane has taken a steep dive in quality over the past few decades. More passengers than ever are being crammed into seats that are smaller than ever, and being served horrible food – or no food at all.

That said, many aviation appreciators are finding that they can recreate the heyday of air travel in their homes and other structures. No, we don’t mean decorating your living room with photos of Howard Hughes and Charles Lindburgh. Some people are taking things to the next level and using architectural and mechanical prowess to transform old airplanes into liveable homes and usable buildings!

By removing tiny old seats, cramped aisles, and tired old furnishings, these aviation lovers are creating truly remarkable architectural marvels. Have you ever seen one of these airplane ‘buildings’ or houses? Let us know in the comment section below.

1. Toshikazu Tsukii's Airplane Guesthouse
The Oro Valley, Ariz.

When he was designing his 2-story guesthouse in the Oro Valley, Arizona, Toshikazu Tsukii combined 4 different aircraft fuselages. He combined a Boeing 737, a Boeing 727, and two Boeing 707s in order to achieve his vision. Not content with this majestic structure, he wanted to go one step further – he converted a Boeing 747 jumbo jet into an indoor pool!

Tsukii states that he has 3 main goals in life. He wants to be an engineer, an aviator, and an architect. His Airplane Guesthouse allows him to combine all of his passions!

He is an engineer by trade, but also has a background in aviation – he was an air cadet for the Japan National Defence Academy as a young man! After moving to the US, he was a commercial pilot and also taught flight lessons.

2. Project Freedom Guesthouse and Rooms
Brookshire, Texas

Joe Axline is equally passionate about airplanes and hospitality. That is why he created Project Freedom! In order to create this imaginative structure, he combined 2 plans – DC 9-41, as well as an MD-80.

The MD-80 is home to rooms that Axline offers to friends and family, while the DC-9-41 is more of a creative space. It hosts a theatre, music rooms, a bathroom, arts and crafts spaces, and a kitchen.

If you want proof that Axline has a passion for his planes, you’ve got it – he has been residing in Project Freedom for the past few years!

Awe-Inspiring Homes and Buildings Made out of Old Airplanes

3. Jumbo Hostel and Bar
Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, Sweden

If you travel to Sweden and you fancy staying somewhere truly out of the ordinary, you should have a look at staying at the Jumbo Hostel and Bar. It may be located next to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport in Sweden, but this plane won’t be taking flight any time soon!

This converted Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet has been turned into a state of the art hostel that can accommodate 76 guests (or should we say passengers?). All of the hostel’s employees are dressed as flight attendants to add to the aviation style of the space.

Not staying here? You can still enjoy the bar – pop in to get a drink before you check into the nearby airport!

Awe-Inspiring Homes and Buildings Made out of Old Airplanes

4. The Airplane Suite
Teuge, Netherlands

Teuge, Netherlands is home to a remarkable AirBnB listing – the iconic Airplane Suite. This Ilyushin IL-18 has been converted into a comfortable place to stay, with all of the modern conveniences. It even boasts a sauna, jacuzzi, shower, and 3 flat screen TVs!

This aircraft has a long history of travel to Cuba, China, and Vietnam, and is now the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Awe-Inspiring Homes and Buildings Made out of Old Airplanes

5. The DC6 Diner
Coventry Airport, Coventry, England

What better place to find an airplane-cum-diner than next to an airport? The DC6 Diner is located at England’s quaint little Coventry Airport, and is a nice place to get a hamburger, full English breakfast, a plate of lasagna, or just a cup of tea. The DC6 Diner is located in a converted Douglas DC-6 plane.

Want to get the attention of one of the diner’s servers? Press the overhead call button – instead of a flight attendant, your waiter or waitress will be right with you.

If you want to have a unique night’s sleep or a meal that is truly out of the ordinary, you don’t have to climb to 30,000 feet. Just travel to one of these unique and architecturally fascinating airplane conversions!