Why it can be best to stay in a hostel when travelling to Italy

A hostel is by definition; a small inexpensive place which an establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people. This therefore could potentially already be a huge attraction to a traveller or holiday maker wishing to save a few bucks as a hostel is generally cheaper than a large chain hotel or even a small hotel. If a traveller is short on cash; a hostel may be the best place to stay in. Being Cheaper doesn’t necessary mean lower quality however, with many hostels being located in prime Locations just like the bigger chain hotels and offering more than just beds in a room; often associated with hostels of the old, with common amenities such as
Wi-Fi being available there.  Furthermore, the best hostels even offering a niche attraction or another attractive quality that many hotels cannot possibly offer; or charge  an arm and a leg for it to be available. One of these qualities is that a hostel can be located in various places; nearly anywhere whereas choosing to stay in something such as a hotel can make you feel restricted in your choice of where you could stay, with the majority of the hotels being located in the city or just on the outskirts
if you’re looking at a budget stay. This would get mundane and boring if you’re a frequent traveller; standing by your window looking at another city made up of the same grotesque, grey cement as any other city. By staying in a hostel somewhere further away from the city allows you to replace the parking lot from your window with something more exciting. Much more exciting. Something like a
beautiful vineyard filled with luscious red grapes ready for this year’s wine season or a deep valley almost seeming like it penetrates the earth and reaches the core or possibly the other side of the earth. The possibilities are endless!

Another quality of a hostel which, you don’t really get from hotels anymore is that in a hostel which, is usually small and privately owned is that you get a real sense of homeliness as everything is prepared for you almost like its prepared for their own sons or daughters. You don’t really get that   homeliness and care in a large hotel or inn any more where the people working could have made dozens of beds in an hour and is simply just trying to clearing their work load quickly so that they can call it a day and to do so in a way which is quick yet effective so that they aren’t fired by the end of the day. The homely feeling which, you could find in a hostel is something which is priceless as it would make anyone feel welcome and almost like if they were a little boy living at their mums again.

Furthermore, hostels offer a final quality which is definitely appealing. Most of the hostels in Venice; due to the smaller size and less cramped time schedules for staff whom are often locals; this allows the staff to be able to take time aside and help you on other tasks such a finding and travelling to a location and possibly being able to offer you tips and hints to the best spots in Italy.

In Conclusion, if you want to possibly save some cash and get away from the city; living in a warm, cosy room you should definitely consider a hostel as your place to stay. However, a hostel isn’t perfect for everyone and if the qualities described here is something you despise, consider something else.