20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family

20 Cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your family

20 Cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your family

Finding out those mood swings were there for a reason, can bring immense joy. For couples who have waited patiently enough, to welcome a new child in their lives, pregnancy announcement to parents and other family members, can be one of the best news ever!

Life as you know it, will never be the same. Before the little one has even arrived, changes have to be made, at home, in life or at work.

Clearly, you are ecstatic about being pregnant and therefore have to share the news with friends and family with great gusto - the big ‘ta-da’ moment of pregnancy.

Chances are you and your partner, will find out together about the pregnancy, if not, tell your partner right away. The news is too good to believe, and you feel like shouting on top of your lungs, to tell the world you are pregnant. Ideally, many couples hold off until the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy, to make an announcement. It’s not a superstitious belief, rather a precautionary measure. Couples would want to first get their doctor’s appointments in place, know the baby is healthy, along with regular tests and possibly find what gender the baby is.

Many woman unfortunately, face miscarriages early on in pregnancy and hold off on sharing the news until all is well with the mother and the baby.  Mother’s to be should not feel pressurized into sharing their pregnancy news right away with friends or family. Take all the time you need, get all your medication and check ups in order, before announcing the big news.

Once you’re out of the woods, it’s time to party and become the mother you were always meant to be. You now know that you are healthy and you baby is fine. The moment has arrived to share the big news with family and friends. You are now wondering, about different ways to share the news with your parents, friends and family. With all the morning sickness, food cravings and mood swings, you hardly have the time to think of creative and fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones.

And I’m here to help you with just that! From “Oh! My God, so cute!”, to Funny and creative ideas for your pregnancy announcement. From announcing first baby arrival, to welcoming the second, third or fourth child, pregnancy announcements are always fun and exciting. From sharing the news of your first time pregnancy, to sharing the news that you’re pregnant ‘again’! to your parents who are already grandparents, there are multiple fun and exciting ways to let your family know that a little one is on the way.

20 Innovative Ideas to announce your Big Mama moments

1. Family gatherings and outings

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Family gatherings and outings

Family gatherings and outings is a time to connect and spend time with your loved ones. You are seeing them after a long time, and have so much to share. What would be a better way to announce your pregnancy, at a family gathering? While everybody gathers around the table for supper and pour themselves a glass of wine, you can sneak up a post it in your glass that says “NO MORE REFILLS” and wait for everyone to figure it out before they burst into tears of joy.

2. Treasure Hunt 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Treasure Hunt

While out for family picnics, you tend to play some outdoor games, which is the best moment to announce your pregnancy. Treasure Hunt is a fun game to play while announcing your pregnancy. Wrap and hide gifts like, a baby bottle, a set of diapers or a sonogram picture for everyone to go hunting. As you know, everyone Is a winner in this game. Hide pictures of your childhood for your parents to find, where the picture reads “You are now an exclusive member of the Grandparents society”, “You better stock a whole bunch of Christmas presents”.

3. Baby Themed Romantic Dinner

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Baby Themed Romantic Dinner

In case, you were lucky enough to find out about your pregnancy without your partner, you can now surprise him to your heart’s content. Plan a romantic dinner for your partner. The meal includes clues, for your partner to break the code. Include foods such as, baby corn, baby shrimp etc, and tell your partner, you prepared this meal for a ‘special someone’.

4. Breakfast Announcements

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Breakfast Announcements

Announcing your pregnancy can be fun and exhilarating. As you wake up for daily rituals, ask your partner if he could make you some egg Benedict’s. Only he doesn’t know, you’ve emptied the eggs, stuck a sonogram picture and written on the back is “Hatching Soon” in it for him to crack open. Sit back and relax, and wait for a loud joy filed scream from the kitchen.

5. Let your pet do the talking 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Let your pet do the talking

Pets are curious and mischievous and also the first ones to sense you are pregnant. Hang a cute sign on your pet that says “Guard Dog on Duty” to surprise your partner. Hide baby onesies and baby products in your pets bed or toys and when they come out play, they will definitely drag one of items out with them. And, wait for reaction!

6. Date Night 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Date Night

Plan a Romantic date night with your partner, like going out to the movies. Have a picture of the both of you made into a movie poster and movie tickets that reads “Coming Soon, in the crib next to you”. Tell your partner, this is the movie we’ll watching for a long time to come. Your partner will definitely be left speechless.

7. Photoshoot for memories 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Photoshoot for memories

Pictures say a thousand words and a couples photoshoot is sweetest most adorable thing one can do. Once you have confirmed, that you are pregnant, convince your partner for a romantic photoshoot. Plan in advance with your photographer the poses and place for your photoshoot. Pose in ways for your photoshoot so your partner is looking away from the camera, while you hold up a sonogram, a baby onesie or any baby item. When he comes to check how the picture is clicked, that will be the reaction worth capturing.

8. Gaming Buddy 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Gaming Buddy

While your partner is busy playing Call of Duty, Need for Speed or any video game for that matter, he also wished there was gaming buddy next to him. And now, you are going to give him exactly that. Buy an extra console for the play station or any gaming device and the next time your partner sits down to play, the console will read “Player 2 coming soon”. Now your partner has a gaming partner.

9. You’ve been promoted 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - You’ve been promoted

Breaking the news of your pregnancy to your child or children, can be tricky. You never know, how they might react or what might they say. The best way to share the news is to make the kids feel like, they won’t be left out, when the new baby arrives. Get your kids grown up stuff, like a new study desk or their own room (if they don’t have one) and decorate it with a banner of “You’ve been promoted”. This will make them feel responsible and welcome the news with happiness.

10. Potty training

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Potty training

Many of you may already have children, at the stage of potty training. And this might just be the funniest way to tell your partner, that Number 2 is on the way, Literally! Click a picture of your child while potty training and write on it, “Mum said #2 is on the way, whatever that means!”.

11. I’m not hungover

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - I’m not hungover

Morning sickness can be a bitch, and worse when you’re not hungover. But it also the creative way to tell your family, that you’ve “stopped drinking”. Let your partner photograph you during morning sickness, to send the picture to family. The picture reads  “I’m not Hungover, can you guess what it is?”.

12. Eviction Notice

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Eviction Notice

Being a mommy can be stressful, and with the new baby baby on the way, mom’s have to create their own entertainment. Telling your child, that a new baby brother or sister is on the way can be full of hysteria. Post an eviction notice on your child’s crib or room and wait for the endless questions and hysteric crying.

13. Bump ahead 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Bump ahead

A cute little way of sharing with friends and family that you are pregnant. Invite your friends and family over for a fun get together, put up rad signs a blocks away from your home, leading to your door. The signs can read as : “look both ways, before crossing”, “under construction” and last but not the least “BUMP AHEAD” at your door. Keep them puzzling for a while, till they cannot contain their joy anymore.

14. You won the lottery 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - You won the lottery

“You won the lottery”, is kind of an imaginary good news and an exciting way to tell your parents, that they are being promoted to Grandparents. No one can see it coming, and the reaction on finding out that the lottery, is your new baby, can be priceless. Design a lottery ticket, with numbers and names and everything. For the winning price, on the back of the ticket, stick a picture of your sonogram. 

15. Table for three please 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Table for three please

Announcing the arrival of your first child, can be an experience you never forget. The moment you find out, that you are pregnant, you want to just blurt out the good news in any way, shape or form. Plan a spontaneous dinner with your partner, without reservations at the restaurant. If your partner wonder about the reservation, distract him with excuses like “maybe some friends join us”.

Upon your arrival, you straight away book a table for three as a clue for your partner. He seems confused while waiting for this “friend” to arrive. The last clue is when you have to place your food order, and you tell the waiter that “I’ll be eating for two, and he’ll be drinking for two”. Wait for reaction, and buy everyone a round of drinks.

16. Bun in the Oven 

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Bun in the Oven

A classic that never fails. Specially for couples who love to bake. Go about your regular chores, while you leave a note in the oven that reads “You put the bun in the oven, LITERALLY!”. Next 9 months are dessert paradise. You can also bake cookies in the shape of a baby or baby products to surprise your partner with the big Pregnancy Announcement Breakfast.

17. Gender Revealing

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Gender Revealing

Though the gender is not of utmost importance, but gender reveal game can be very fun. We associate Blue with Boy and Pink with Girl, which only helps the game to be more fun. Once you have found out the gender of the baby, gradually replacing or adding things in your home decor of the said color. Wait to see how long your partner goes before noticing. But when he does, you are going to be proud parents.

18. Only child to Oldest Child

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Only child to Oldest Child

As always, breaking the news to your child about your pregnancy is a make or break deal. And how to give the news away is totally unto you. Make it a fun surprise for your child, print tee shirts for him/her that read, “You’ve been promoted from Only child to Oldest Child”, “We have company…….. for a long time”. Spend time with your kid/s to explain to them as to what is going to happen next, and that they will never be neglected.

19. Fishing Buddy

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your family - Fishing Buddy

If your partner enjoys fishing or outdoor activities more than you do, announcing your pregnancy can be one of them best news for both for you. Plan any outdoor activity together and carry three sets of chairs, towels, food etc. Lay everything out while you set up for your picnic and pull out the little chair, with a sign that reads, “Fishing Buddy driving soon”.

20. Find Waldo 

The most popular game among children and also the best way to announce your pregnancy. With the help of technology you can create little puzzle books, like “find Waldo”, that have pictures of your sonogram hidden in it. It’s the most effective fun way to share the new of your pregnancy with your partner and children.

Hope you like our unique pregnancy and baby announcement ideas which will help to announce it to your parents, grandparents and other family members in person.

5 Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Partner


5 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for your Partner

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