Apps that pay to lose weight

5 Apps that pay you to lose weight


Are you still struggling to find your motivation for losing weight and making your body healthy and nutritious? With this world filled with millions of possibilities and innovative minds, there isn’t anything you can not do. Living a healthy and nutritious life isn’t easy when it comes to exercising and eating nutritious food.

Even if you understand the value of a healthy lifestyle but are still struggling to reach a level of motivation where you would leave your couch and go to exercise if you desire to lose weight and instead of buying a packet of junk food you will make yourself a salad. Now you must be thinking, it’s easier said than to do it. You may like to read Earn paypal money instantly - make money online fast

As I mentioned earlier, with the latest innovations in today’s time and this technological era will take you wherever only if you had the desire. With our world becoming more digitized by the second, numerous applications will pay you to lose weight. I know at first it sounds like a joke but it’s true. If nothing could motivate you enough to leave your couch and begin exercising then maybe a few extra dollars will become your motivator.

These fitness apps can be effective to get you to exercise and earn some extra money for your pocket even if you are working full time. All these years of trying to lose weight haven’t given any positive results then instead of struggling to find a genuine way to lose weight. After all, this weight loss industry is filled with unhealthy pills and other options making it difficult for you to choose something and soon you lose your motivation.

All these years of trying, why not give another try to these applications that will help you in keeping track of your food habits and working-out schedules and also you get paid for your working out. If nothing else then maybe use the money solely for your health requirements and stop thinking about where to get money for supporting your health/fitness requirements or maybe save that money and use it for a nice cheat-day once a month and treat yourself with lots of sweets. If these applications that pay you to lose weight are willing to take small monetary risks to help you stick to your weight loss journey. Read also Online jobs for teens - Work from Home

Following are the applications through which you get paid to exercise:

1. HealthyWage


This is an interesting way of losing weight and get paid for it. An application that helps you in joining weight loss games and pay you for reaching your goals. Through this app, you can set your goals in various categories like losing weight, referring friends and maintaining weight.

HealthyWage has a very simple way of performance, all you have to do is sign up at the application and there’s a weight loss calculator that weighs you before you start. Once you’ve set your goals including how much you are expecting to lose and in how much time. If you fulfill your goals in the selected time frame, you get paid for your work-out. 

If you have a lack of motivation, this application lets you join other team members for support for joining a team you have to pay $25 per month. This application has various other interesting features that help you in your weight loss journey. Have a look at Low Carb Vegetables to have in Keto Diet

2. DietBet


This is another interesting app that pays you for losing weight and being on it. You have to first sight upon the applications then choose what program to enter, Kickstarter(lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days), Transformer(lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months), Maintainer(keep your weight loss 0% for 12months).

Then you decide how much you want to bet on your goals and if you accomplish then you got paid for losing weight. You can either create your own game or join into other games and add a bet on your desire to lose weight in your selected amount of time frame.

It’s a good way to earn a little extra money and using that money as the motivation for losing weight.

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3. FitCoin


Well, who would have thought one day we’ll be able to earn cryptocurrency by losing weight. This is another interesting way of losing weight and getting paid for it. If you have knowledge about bitcoins and you are a collector, all you have to do is signup on the application and link it with a fitness tracking app like FitBit. This application will track your workout data and then

FitCoin will calcite value and convert it into bitcoins. Well, how good is this for a motivator? FitCoin is the only way of earning cryptocurrency through losing weight, I am sure this interesting application will make you want to workout. Read also Car Insurance for New and young Drivers in USA


Just like the name sounds, this application works the same way. All you have to do assign upon the application and make weekly pacts and if you accomplish those goals then you earn money for keeping your goals and losing weight. There are various goals you can set up with this application like food pacts, workout pacts, weight loss pacts, wait to maintain pacts, etc. If you stick to your pact you get money from other users who didn’t. You’ll have to link your PayPal account to receive the rewards. You can even make pacts on your eating habits like how much fruits or nutritious vegetables you ate. You may like to read 5 Surveys that make you money online



An application that pays you for losing weight, what could be better than that. You can earn cash rewards for doing various healthy activities like Exercising, Getting good sleep, eating habits, etc. You can connect ACHIEVEMENT app to other workout-tracking apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal, Strava, etc. So, with every 10,000 points, this application converts it into $10 and you get the money via PayPal. Just the way the name sounds, it works the same way when it pays you for achieving your goals of losing weight. So, I think this application would be a great way for you to get paid for losing weight.  You may like to read Jobs that Pay Weekly - Part-time Jobs

I believe by now there must be some spark of motivation lighting within you. Maybe you want to lose weight by exercising and start living a healthy life by eating nutritious food. Have a look at  Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home for Beginners

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