Amway gives Festive Indulgence a healthy twist with Amway Queen Cookware

~Organizes a cookout session with celebrity Chef Sanjay Pawar~

Pune, August 27 2019: With the onset of festive season, Amway India, country’s largest direct selling company, organized an interactive and fun cookout session with a Celebrity Chef Sanjay Pawar. The menu for this cookout was curated keeping in mind the celebratory month of Shravan and how one can incorporate healthy cooking in their daily routine.

Amway gives Festive Indulgence a healthy twist with Amway Queen Cookware

Amway gives Festive Indulgence a healthy twist with Amway Queen Cookware

The festive fervour involves indulging in sweets and oil rich food items. Amway Queen Cookware is an ideal choice for the health conscious consumers looking to indulge in festivities. It has been developed with VITALOK™ technology, which helps lock-in the moisture and OPTITEMP™ technology, to help improve heat distribution on every kind of cook top.

In line with this thought, Amway’s Chef prepared some quick and easy-to-make healthy festive recipes using Amway’s Queen Cookware, for its direct sellers and their customers. Chef Sanjay Pawar gave an exciting twist to the traditional recipes and dished out some healthy and scrumptious alternatives, using healthy ingredients. Some of the healthy recipes made during the session were – Veg Korma with cashew curry, stir-fried / sautéed colorful and healthy vegetables with bell pepper, broccoli, carrot and beans and for dessert – sweet badam halva, all cooked using very little oil.

Speaking at the session, Vijay Golani, Senior Vice President, West, Amway India said, “We at Amway are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage and empower our direct sellers. The Amway Queen Cookout Session in Ahmedabad is one such initiative. Festive season is an ideal time for everyone to try their hand at cooking something new and different from the traditional recipes. Going forward, we plan to take such knowledge sharing session to other cities and familiarize our direct sellers with our products in interactive ways.”

Amway Queen enables cooking with much less water and almost zero-oil as compared to a conventional cookware range.  Its VITALOK™ technology helps lock-in the moisture, which further helps to preserve the taste and  retain the nutrients of the food. Furthermore, the OPTITEMPTM technology helps in improving heat distribution on every kind of cook top. Its multi-layer structure and OPTITEMPTM base makes almost zero-oil cooking possible. The food cooks evenly and quickly over medium to slow temperature, saving time and energy. Amway Queen comes with a 30-year warranty and is available across the country.

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