Author Anup Vijay releases his first Audiobook - 'Zero to Bravo'

Anup Vijay has released his first audiobook called ‘Zero To Bravo’. The Hindi fiction revolves around the life of a RAW agent on the job. Based on true events, ‘Zero To Bravo’ is a fictional take on India’s intelligence initiatives before the famous surgical strike. With a voiceover by Sankalp Rastogi, Zero To Bravo narrates the story of an extraordinary girl who is trained aurally by an unidentified man. Enduring varied physical and emotional hardships, it talks about the back story behind a successful event that illuminates the name of our country. Twinkled with an unprecedented love story, 'Zero to Bravo' is a saga of passion, patriotism, and love towards oneself and the country.

Anup Vijay is a consultant who has been working in the creative industry for a couple of years. Born and raised in an Army background, Anup derives his inspiration from his childhood for his writings. Venturing into audiobooks, he released his first single story titled Roshan meets Roshani last year, that garnered support and became one of the most sought-after story on Storytel.

Author Anup Vijay releases his first Audiobook - 'Zero to Bravo'

Talking about the release, Anup says, "My thought behind writing this book is my affinity towards the armed forces and the functioning of the R.A.W. I think they’re completely selfless individuals and this my little way of paying tribute to them. No matter how much you talk about them, according to me, it’s never going to be enough. In my childhood, I encountered a lot of Army men and my family too had a lot of friends in the army. A glimpse into their life was enough to fascinate me. And I’ve remained in awe since."

A brief note about the book - 'Zero To Bravo' is essentially about the making of a RAW agent on the job. It’s a fictional take on what could have been India’s intelligence initiatives before the surgical strike. But the book also has romance at its core. The RAW agent is a young girl who has trained through her a simple microphone in her ear. She never meets the man who trains her, on the job. She’s had no prior training apart from her defense academy basics. But this man trains her on the job and makes her commit all the daredevilry while staying by her side all throughout. And they eventually help their nation but cannot help themselves from falling for each other. 

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