20 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs

20 Best Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

The joy of becoming a mother cannot be compared to anything and to have the opportunity to be able, to spend every second with your new baby is precious. And the good news is, Stay at home moms can now do just that, by working from home and getting paid for legitimate online jobs instantly through PayPal.

There are exceptionally skilled moms out there who would love to share their knowledge, while not having to worry about leaving their baby behind.

Stay at home moms have a wide range of work from home jobs to choose from, like, baking, writing, translating, daycare, etc. Stay at home moms don’t need to specialize in anything specific, as long as they have the basic knowledge for sharing skills, a working laptop and a decent internet connection, stay at home moms are ready to earn money online with no experience.

Stay at home moms or single moms, who enjoy a social life and are not able to focus on themselves, can now legitimately earn regular income with online jobs, while enjoying spending time with friends and family. Stay at home moms are good at multitasking and can now very easily put their skills to good use to earn money online on the side.

Whether it is to run a small business or to become a virtual assistant or sell your skills, all these jobs can now be done online, while working from the comfort your home. Work from home jobs for stay at home moms is a revolution for mothers, who are looking for real ways to earn money while staying at home to take care of their children.

To make your job little more easier and to give you a head start, we have complied a list of legitimate work home jobs for stay at home moms.

20 Best Side Hustles for Stay at Home Moms

1. Translator

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Translator

Stay at home moms, If English is your second language and say any other exotic language such as, German, French or Spanish is your first language, you can quiet easily earn money online through translating documents and books for companies.

The payout is real money, transferred into your bank account upon completion of task. You don’t need to be a certified translator as you start out, but if you choose this profession to be your regular online income, it is wise to get certified.

2. Writer

Online stay at home mom jobs - Writer

One of the best online jobs for stay at home moms is to become a writer. Content writing jobs is exactly what stay at home moms need, to earn extra money online. The tasks are simple and totally depend on how much time you can devote to writing.

You are free to choose how much you write and what you get paid, the job specifically is for stay at home moms as they can work online, without having to interact with anyone and pay full attention at home as well.

3. Baking

Online stay at home mom jobs - Baking

A fun activity that everyone enjoys to eat. Stay at home moms usually end up hosting a lot of soccer practice or bake sale for their kids, for everyone can enjoy a scrumptious cookie. Stay at home moms can teach baking to young children, from the comfort of their homes, which also a fun way to find play dates for your kids.

You can hold workshops, post your tutorial videos online or start a youtube channel for baking lessons and all these work from home options will monetize your skills.

4. Home cooked meals

Online stay at home mom jobs - Home cooked meals

Everyone loves a warm home cooked meal, specially the ones who are away home - like college students or people who are busy stuck in an office, eating a cold sandwich from the cafeteria. A perfect work from home job for stay home moms, to prepare delicious home cooked meals for people, pack them in containers and deliver them to those with a rather busy schedule.

For anyone who is also keen on learning how to cook, you can provide cooking classes online or at home for a decent amount of money. Make sure to have a signature dish, to attract more curious customers and teach them your signature dish.

5. Become a Coach

Online stay at home mom jobs - Become a Coach

Stay at home moms can earn money online, by becoming a coach or tutor. If you have a good speed internet connection, you can connect with students from around the world for career counselling, coaching for a particular subject like math, science, history or preparing students for examinations. Becoming a coach is one of the best work from home jobs for stay at home moms, to earn money online.

6. Day Care

Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms - Day Care

Stay at home moms can turn the extra space in their homes into a Day Care center, to earn money from home. Baby sit kids from around your neighborhood which allows you to earn a decent amount of money, while at home.

Get all you licences and registrations in order before starting up, to avoid any confusion in the future. Keep the parents involved at all times and show them regular progress of their children.

7. Online Counselling

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Online Counselling

Stay at home moms who hold a diploma or have any prior experience in Counselling can easily start their own practice online. A wonderful work from home job, that helps people to reach out for help. Stay at home moms can easily study at home for the course and earn their diploma as well, to soon start earning money online.

8. Sell/Teach your Art/Skills

Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms - SellTeach your ArtSkills

This is one of the best work from job for stay at home moms, to earn money online. You can be a Yoga Instructor, a painter, a photographer, etc. You can easily sell your work online or teach your skills to people across the globe and earn money online.

9. Conduct Workshops

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Conduct Workshops

Stay at home moms can conduct workshops both online and offline, depending on the reach of people. You can put up paid subscription for your workshops and easily earn money online. Having skills like, pottery, painting or writing can be beneficial for you to offer the subscribers, something new.

10. Host a Market 

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Host a Market

With kids around the house, there tends to be a lot things piling up and holding a market sale to sell out those things, once in a while, can be a good way to earn money. Stay at home moms can easily hold the sale in the neighborhood to engage people with some of the unique things you have.
Rent out extra space : stay at home moms who are looking to earn a sizable income while working at home, have the option of renting out the extra space in their homes.

Depending totally upon your convenience on how much space you can rent out, stay at home moms can rent the place to students, travelers, families on vacation, etc. Again, get your licensing and registration in order before renting our your space or receiving any payment to avoid further complications.

11. Graphologist 

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Graphologist

Another work from home job option is to become a Graphologist for stay at home moms. The job is to analyse Handwritings, Signatures or picture doodles for people or children and provide them with a full personality profile.

The job pays well and stay at home moms can use this diagnostic tool for personal use as well. As a Graphologist you can offer online consultation to companies about hiring their candidates, provide online assistance to mental health professionals or provide educators with online training.

12. Social Media Manager

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Social Media Manager

The king of online jobs is a Social Media Manager and an excellent job opportunity for stay at home moms. While scrolling through your phone all day, going through social media, stay at home moms can now earn money while doing the same thing. All you have to do is handle social media accounts for companies and individuals and help them promote them brand, services and products to maximum number of people and earn money online.

13. Paid Blogging

Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms - Paid Blogging

Stay at home moms can monetize their blogs with trending topics by hosting and posting paid ads, creating outstanding content or paid membership. Blog Monetization is a relaxed way for stay at home moms to earn money online. You can pick any topic of your choice, but it is wise to always check what the trending topic is online and begin with that, unless you have been blogging for years and have a huge readership.

14. Mid-wife

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Mid-wife

With home births becoming a new trend, a lot of mothers are deciding to become experimental. Stay at home moms, with previous birthing experiences, can become mid-wives. It is upto you, if you only want to coach some couples through the pregnancy or actually help them even through the home birth. You can also become a coach for young couples who are new at parenting and guide them through the process of raising a child.

15. Customer Service Representative

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Customer Service Representative

There are plentiful online jobs where stay at home moms who can take phone calls, answers queries, provide customers with service and handle administrative tasks will be well qualified for this job. A peaceful home office and the ability to grasp latest technology and software can make you earn money online.

16. Data-entry Specialist

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Data-entry Specialist

A flexible work from home job for stay at home moms that allows you to work while you’re kids are asleep or at school and manage your daily routine. You can easily start earning money online if you have strong keyboarding skills and strong attention to detail, this is a dream job for stay at home moms.

17. Recruiting Coordinator

Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms - Recruiting Coordinator

Stay at home moms who enjoy helping people finding the right job, can earn money online by becoming a Recruiting Coordinator. An online job that requires you to assist HR personnel in going through and selecting resumes, performing background checks, assisting with interviews and staff hiring.

18. Proofreader

For stay at home moms who wish to work remotely and have a strong attention to detail can choose to become a Proofreader. An online job that is consistent where you will have to perform quality checks on documents to check for, grammatical errors, confirm facts and check format is the perfect job for stay at home moms. Choose the amount of work you can handle, while your kids are at school or asleep or managing your daily routine.

19. Transcriptionist

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs - Transcriptionist

A flexible online work from home job, for stay at home moms, that allows you to transcribe audio or written content, review reports and spotting and correcting errors. You will good keyboarding skills and attention to detail, while the job also allows you to follow your daily routine.

Transcription jobs are online jobs and pay well, depending on how many assignments you can complete in a day. bStay at home moms can easily find jobs online or online platforms where they share their skills to earn money online.

The payout is real money being transferred into your account, these online jobs meet your money-making and money-saving needs. Stay at home moms looking to start a small business and do not have the funds to attain their business goals, can start by working online jobs that pay well and easily save up.

20. Money Making Apps

Money making apps are a good way to earn some extra income from the palm of your hand by using your smartphone. These apps pay you for browsing through the internet doing what you normally do in your spare time.

Things like watching videos, leaving reviews, getting friends to sign-up for apps, mystery shopping, filling up online surveys, clicking ads & using referral codes are some of the many ways you can earn some extra money through these apps on your phone.

Website like UpWork, Fiverr, WorldArtCommunity, Udemy, SkillCrush, Working Nomads, triedandtruemomjobs and even Facebook, etc are vetted sites proven to provide millions of people with online jobs. Some websites take a minimal commission on your selling and some don’t, but it is revolution for people who work from home.

Financial independence is important for stay at home moms as expenses are high and insurance usually does not cover up for everything. Online jobs is a revolution in the corporate industry, as both parties are benefited and the employee and the employer are satisfied with the results.

Online jobs would not make you rich right away, but stay at home moms can always ask for references for online jobs or work on projects from home.

Author: Johannah Singh
Johannah is a writer, a trained Graphologist and a nomad, more appropriately-The Nomadic Graphologist! who travels solo to the remotest part of India to reconnect to her true self! A wild life lover and a hippie by heart, she is playing a vital role in introducing the nomadic culture in India, especially among young women.

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