Sir Dr. Huz ( Huzaifa Khorakiwala ), CEO - Wockhardt Foundation & Founder - The World Peacekeepers Movement was awarded with his 14th Honorary Doctorate at the campus of University of Dubai campus in Dubai on 7 Aug, 2019.

The European Digital University is a new generation university based on the 4th industrial revolution technologies. The university trains people about the latest applications of blockchain technology starting from banking & finance, supply chain management, land registry, medical systems, agriculture, etc.

Speaking about the honor, he said, “recognition in any field is always the result of the combined effort of the team. My team of 1100 Warriors & 2 million Peacekeepers deliver excellence in the sphere of their work. I convey my gratitude to them & pay them my respects”.

Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala) heads the non-profit organization, Wockhardt Foundation which runs several programmes in health, education, water and sanitation across the breadth of the country. Its flagship programme Mobile 1000 operates more than 105 Mobile Medical Units across 18 states in India administering free primary healthcare to more than 2 million Indians in rural & remote parts of India. Its sanitation programme – Pronto Toilets is part of the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

He is also the Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited and is also part of the promoter family of Wockhardt Group - a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare group. Sir Dr. Huz is an MBA from the prestigious Yale University in USA. He has won numerous Awards and is associated with many social causes. He has handled many important positions with Wockhardt, India Center Foundation, Grameen Creative Lab.

He is also the Founder of "The World Peacekeepers Movement", an online movement comprising of more than a million peacekeepers, forming the world’s 2nd largest army.

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