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23 quick ways to earn money online through PayPal

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For those of you who have been working from home and have been receiving online payment, must definitely have a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you will soon, once we tell you real ways of earning money through your PayPal account.

PayPal is a widely used secure and easy method to receive payments online, specially when you are working from home. PayPal allows you to use your money instantly for online payments and since PayPal also offers a PayPal debit card option to it’s customers, which can used almost anywhere like a regular debit card, you have easy access to your money.

For opening a personal PayPal account, you would be required to only provide your Full Name, contact number, email, and address and once you sign up, you can instantly start receiving money.

There are various companies, individuals, vendors and business who conduct there transactions via PayPal, due to it’s secure nature and easy access for it’s users. Using the PayPal platform for payments, without having the need to display their bank account details to anyone.

From Working online to earning ‘free’ money online, is a like a gush of wave, flooding the internet world, pushing open windows of opportunity for the new generation. PayPal is one such window, an opportunity up for grabs and websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie or Survey club that offer payment through PayPal, is an easy and quick method to start earning money online.

But I must warn you against temptation as earning free money online, sounds too good to be true. These methods would not make you a regular monthly income, but in order to achieve a high income, you need to follow some difficult ideas religiously.

We have combined a list of websites based on difficulty levels and how much time you can dedicate to earn money online through PayPal and how to get free paypal money fast and easy. The advantage is with the paypal money that you earn there is no minimum payout so earn paypal money online..

23 Quick Ways to Earn Money Online through PayPal

1. BabbleType

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - BabbleType

Offering work from home job options while providing weekly payments via PayPal, BabbleType is on the constant lookout for Translators, Transcriptionists and editors to join their team. If you have excellent grammatical skills, are detailed oriented and have excellent keyboarding skills, BabbleType is the place for you.

2. UserTesting

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - UserTesting

If you enjoy sharing your opinions out loud, why not get paid $60 to do so? With the safest and easiest payment platform - PayPal. Get paid $10 for every 20 minute video you watch completely, visiting websites and app, completing tasks and sharing your reviews out loud. UserTesting can be used by one and all, to make a few extra dollars.

3. TextBroker 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - TextBroker

If you are a writer or an editor with impeccable detail to attention, TextBroker can help you connect with clients who require content or services like proofreading and pricing articles and monitoring content for copyright infringement etc. College students are highly recommended who are looking for online job that pay via PayPal.

4. GigWalk

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - GigWalk

A simple app for iOS and Android phones that links to your PayPal account and sends money directly to your personal account once the task is completed and approved. With flexible work schedule and simple reporting tasks of the gigs around you, you can earn anywhere between $3-$100, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put in.

5. Humanatic

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Humanatic

A work from from home job opportunity to become a reviewer of recorded phone calls for companies. Humanatic offers businesses and individuals with a detailed report on their customer care phone calls for better results. Since the payment method offered is PayPal by Humanatic, you will need a verified PayPal account, which is easy to make with simple instructions.

6. Scribie

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Scribie

For grammar nerds who take pleasure in editing and correcting can now easily earn money through PayPal, while following their passion. You will need exceptional skill to comprehend Australian, Indian, American and British accents, fluent spoken and written to english to transcribe audio files into texts. You will need to review audio transcripts for accuracy, correctly identify each speaker and the transcript and label them and correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes in the transcript.

7. Rev.com

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Rev

Apart from weekly payments via PayPal, Rev.com provides extra side income with the comfort of working as much or as little as you want. You can choose between transcribing or translating subtitles for videos in foreign languages, which pays around $1.50-$3.00 per audio/video minute.

8. Verblio 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Verblio

For all writing fanatics out there, who have been looking for a platform to share their writing skills, while getting a decent pay, Verblio offers weekly PayPal payments to it’s writers. Sign up for free and link you PayPal account, start uploading your writers and clients will purchase them, resulting in direct money into your PayPal account.

9. Userlytics 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Userlytics

Provides you with an opportunity to earn legit money every two weeks via PayPal. Sign up for free on Userlytics and review website and apps for contractors and earn anywhere from $5-$90, for completing the tasks. The app provides it’s services all across the globe from places like South Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Europe and North America, so no matter which part of the world you are in, if you have a laptop and a smart phone with internet connection, you can earn money via PayPal.

10. Swagbucks

Earn paypal money with swagbucks

While watching TV, or hanging out with friends, or simply trying to pass time by watching videos and playing games, you can now earn money via PayPal while doing so. SwagBucks pays you in SB points that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. College students, teenagers, stay at home moms anyone and everyone can benefit from these online jobs and be easily and securely paid via PayPal.

11. Fiverr

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Fiverr

I bet all of you, be it working from home or from an office desk, have hidden talents, that are looking for ways to be discovered. Fiverr offers a platform for one all with talents and skills to share starting at $5 and above, the transaction is done straight to your PayPal account, with the deduction of a transaction fee. Writers, tutors, artists can very well display their talents and skills for sale and have their earnings transferred straight to their personal PayPal account.

12. PrizeRebel 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - PrizeRebel

To earn money online via PayPal, PrizeRebel offers free gift cards and cash for completing surveys, watching videos or sign up for a brand. It is quick and easy money starting from $5 which is directly transferred to your PayPal account. You will be paid for your valuable time, to offer reviews for websites, apps and games. The payout maybe not be very high, but it is an easy way to make online, by not spending much of your time.

13. SurveyClub 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - SurveyClub

For every friend you refer, SurveyClubs pays you $1 each straight into your PayPal accounts. You can complete Surveys, participate in studies, mystery shopping and many more activities that can earn you a good amount of money online, while working from the comfort of your homes. Students, Stay at home moms, Retirees, etc can sign up for free on SurveyClub and starting earning money through PayPal.

14. Triaba

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Triaba

An online survey portal, that pays between ₹30-₹250 via PayPal, depending on how much time you can devote to completing surveys and answering questions. Students, travelers, remote job seekers specially in India will be required to share their opinions for a price, which is the perfect job.

15. The Make Money App

23 quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - make money app

A legit online portal in India for online jobs, that pays legit money online through PayPal. Teen Students, workers, travelers, stay at home moms anyone can download this app and start making money right away. No cash back, no gift cards, just real money directly being transferred into your PayPal account, for taking online surveys, completing daily tasks, giving your reviews and testing app and websites.

16. Zippy Online

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Zippy Online

There are a number of websites that are willing to offer gift cards, redeem e-gift vouchers or earn real cash online, just by devoting your time to take online surveys, refer friends, share opinions on products of their favorite brands, win free vouchers and exciting prizes. Zippy Online is one of the top paid online survey portals in India.

17. Opinion Outpost 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost bridges the ap between your reviews and the companies that require them, in exchange for rewards, cash and gift vouchers to popular brands. Opinion Outpost offers a wide range of topics to select from for a paid online survey like politics, advertisements, medicine, electronics, appliances, sports or almost anything. The more surveys you participate in, the higher your chances of earning more points to redeem for cash or other exciting rewards.

18. Brand Institute 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Brand Institute

If you belong to the medical industry and are looking to work online from home, Brand Institute offers, pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry with market research services along with focus groups, brand names, customer satisfaction, concept testing, tagline opinions and more. Brand Institute is of high importance, among huge pharmaceutical companies for ordering studies and the payout is very high, done through PayPal or cheque.

19. Engage in Depth 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Engage in Depth

Focus Groups are storming the internet, with companies realising the importance of the survey of focus groups. The highest payout for a focus group is upto $250 for a couple of your hours, straight into your PayPal account, while offering health-care focused panel as well business-focused panel. Engage in Depth offers actual cash, to it’s consumers rather than redeeming points.

20. Ipsos I-say 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Ipsos I-say

Popular survey taking website and the largest online focus group as well, may offer $100 or more for an hour of time, directly into your PayPal account. Each time you complete a survey or a fo us group, you are paid in cash and not points or vouchers to redeem, depending on the length of the survey. The more surveys and focus groups you complete, your chances of earning more money increases.

21. Paid Viewpoint

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - Paid Viewpoint

A website that only pays via PayPal, is a good website to start out with that requires 1 or 2 minutes of your time, in exchange for $0.10 in your PayPal account. Keep a lookout for the ‘TraitScore’ feature, as it specifies your demographic by answering more questions.

22. YouGov 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - YouGov

Unlike other survey companies, YouGov survey’s are based on current affairs, giving people a chance to explore their work from home options. The surveys don’t take up much of your time and you end up earning extra income on the side.

23. MindSwarms 

quick ways to earn money online through PayPal - MindSwarms

If you enjoy being in front of the camera, clicking selfies and making videos of yourself, you can now get paid almost $50 in your PayPal account to do so. You will be required to record yourself, while you answer questions about products and services and you also earn extra money by taking part in studies. Each survey consists of 7 questions, which would take a maximum of 20 minutes each, paying you $50, that shows up in your account after 24 hours.

PayPal offering it’s services to a wide a range of companies over the globe, has made it easier for people who travel frequently, or students, stay at home parent or anyone looking for a job to earn money online with ease.

PayPal is safe and secure and can used widely by almost anyone who owns a smartphone or a laptop and earn money while shopping, or taking surveys and watching surveys. PayPal linking with companies to offer a safe payment method for it’s consumers, that saves them from scams and frauds. Cash back offers, gift cards and vouchers to redeem for big brands or Websites like Netflix, are very tempting deals offered by companies, offering transactions specially through PayPal.

Sign up for the websites mentioned above today and start your amazing PayPal journey of earning safe and easy money online.

Author: Johannah Singh
Johannah is a writer, a trained Graphologist and a nomad, more appropriately-The Nomadic Graphologist! who travels solo to the remotest part of India to reconnect to her true self! A wild life lover and a hippie by heart, she is playing a vital role in introducing the nomadic culture in India, especially among young women.

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