HappyShappy hosts Meet&Greet, an interactive session for lifestyle bloggers, and starts a dialogue on mental health

Wednesday, 28th Aug 2019, New Delhi – Aiming to inspire lifestyle bloggers and guide them about leveraging the positive side of social media, HappyShappy hosted a ‘Meet & Greet' -  a fun-filled, interactive event at its office. Apart from giving expert advice on the topic and providing a networking platform for the blogger community, HappyShappy used the opportunity to lead a collaborative conversation about the social media’s contribution to  depression and launched the ‘HappyShappy Inspires’ campaign.

With a curiosity & passion for learning new makeup and beauty ideas, innovations and emerging trends in the lifestyle sector, around twenty-six lifestyle bloggers, both established and aspirers alike, attended the Meet&Greet event. The event was designed to empower and educate the young audience, albeit in a light-hearted, enjoyable way. Sana Sood, Co-founder & Creative Head of HappyShappy, kick-started the program by introducing them to a platform for creative ideas. Using the HappyShappy app, she demonstrated with examples, how its meaningful content can serve as blogging inspiration.Sana also talked about how a blogger’s HappyShappy Dreamboard can be an extension of her personality, be used as a visual portfolio, has a better shelf life, advances a blogger’s career in terms of SEO traffic & branding and helps better collaborate with brands.

On a more serious note, Sana and Nitin Sood, Founder & CEO of HappyShappy voiced their concerns about the rising rate of young adolescents caught in the negative side of social media. The two started a collaborative conversation about how to use social networking just as a tool and leveraging its positive aspects, understanding its behaviour, using coping mechanisms, all while averting any ill-effects.

Every  member of the audience candidly & honestly shared her personal experience - the instant gratification, social pressure, peer comparison, self-isolation and self-esteem issues. Says Sana, “Today’s young generation is more connected to one another, and the world, via digital technology than any other age group. However, very quickly young users begin to seek validation from social media -- leading to a slippery slope that ends in anxiety and depression.” “At HappyShappy, we believe there must exist an awareness about social media usage; something that helps them safely navigate today’s online world. Which is why we’ve hosted this event” Nitin added.

Members of the audience also witnessed the launch of the HappyShappy app's ‘Horoscope’ feature. Designed to meet the requirements of the modern user, it has loads of personalized features including the 'Colour of the Day', which provides never-before-seen ideas and translates a lucky colour into a fun outfit & more, to positively kick-start each day.

HappyShappy hosts Meet&Greet, an interactive session for lifestyle bloggers, and starts a dialogue on mental health

Lastly, the startup invited the audience to join its new campaign - ‘HappyShappy Inspires’. It offers bloggers an opportunity to use HappyShappy to create inspiring content for their followers and partners. A salient feature of HappyShappy’s Meet&Greet was providing guests with a free-of-cost platform that facilitates brand collaboration. The audience networked among themselves, creating opportunities, sharing information and seeking potential partners.

Among the guests were Frshengo (a brand that sells Japanese, fuss-free capsule perfumes), Stree.Ya (a fast-growing skin-care label), Fuschia (a name synonymous with natural cosmetics), TheFutureIsFemale, (a well-known restaurant in Delhi that has a women-only staff) and Makeup By Ashi Maheshwari (a salon located in the heart of Delhi). These gifting partners delighted everyone with platefuls of delicious refreshments and goodie bags worth 8000 ₹.

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