How to decorate temple on Janmashtami

Give your Temple Décor a Contemporary touch this Janmashtami

A true visionary, interior designer Punam Kalra likes to experiment with various forms, materials and textures to elevate the usual temple décor into a truly elegant and spiritual experience. There is nothing that spells tranquillity and chic like clean, minimal forms in plush natural materials, further highlighted by specialized lighting, artistic installations and a healthy dash of colour. This article illustrates some of her ideas to give your temple an Avant-Garde touch this Janmashtami.

·         Well-designed backdrops can uplift any temple décor by adding more depth and character to space. The backdrop can be done in solid wood or auspicious metals like copper with elegant detailing like the calligraphic rendering of mantras as etchings, carvings or inlays. Backlit semi-precious stones can also be used as the backdrop for a bold, distinctive look. For pre-existing back panels, especially a wooden one, you can spruce it up with some neat gold or silver metal leafing details.

·         Screens in modern materials like faux stone, digitally printed fabrics and acrylics, made with abstracted forms of traditional motifs like the Nandi cow, peacock feathers, lotus or the tree of life can give the décor a trendy and futuristic touch. The console seating the deities can be designed in beautiful contemporary forms and sets inspired by the colours and hues of the peacock feathers and the pictorial stories of Lord Krishna. Sheer drapes further add to the grandeur of the temple. The light installation or the chandelier can be a statement art piece designed in a combination of semi-precious stones and metals like brass or copper to create a unique identity.

·         Colourful rugs and carpets in plush textile with geometric inlay details can be used to add a bright dash of colour without adding to the mess of traditional Rangolis. Chic, comfortable low seating is minimal, colourful, luxurious, well-sculptured silhouettes can further enhance the overall décor. Quirky, contemporary accessories such as bells, incense stick holders, uruli, tall lamps in different geometric shapes and materials like brass, steel, stone, ceramics, concrete, along with fragrant flowers can be used to create a spectacular sensory experience.