How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally - Natural Ant Killers

Top 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally?

  • Draw a line of salt and talcum powder mixture across the infected areas.

  • Use a mixture of Peanut Butter and Borax as bait to kill ants.

  • Cream of Wheat is a chemical-free simple DIY to get rid of ants naturally.

  • Apply Vaseline on the trail, as Vaseline is slippery and slimy which will stop the ant invasion.

  • Use leftover coffee powder to sprinkle around to kill the ants scent trail to stop infestation.

  • Sprinkling pepper powder in the infected area of the house destroys the communication between ants and stops infestation.

  • Spray the Diatomaceous Earth around plants and on anthills and it effectively kills ants naturally.

  • Top 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

    Ants are like little troopers on a mission to please their Queen and will stop at nothing. To understand where ants come from and how to get rid of ants permanently. The Queen sits her nest all the time and never leaves so what you see creeping around you or in your house are soldier ants. The worker ants work relentlessly every day to feed their Queen, while she lays more eggs making them into more soldiers to keep continuing the reproduction process. Ants are known to carry twice their weight which helps them carry large amounts of food back to their anthill, sugar being at the top of the ant grocery list. Also have a look at How to get rid of carpenter ants naturally easy way to treat them

    House ants can cause physical health problems, while they completely ruin food left out in the open especially sweet-tasting food. Your fresh mornings can turn into a living nightmare when you reach for the sugar jar or a leftover slice of pizza only to find yourself taken hostage by ants. You may like to read Apps that Pay to Lose Weight

    Even though ants are found commonly they are dangerous to your home and your well-being, if you are not careful or are neglectful about ants in or near your home, they can cause serious health hazards like disease transmission - often found in hospital, ant bites contain venom that can cause inflamed skin, cramps, and headaches, and damage your lawns or gardens.

    Ants maybe social insects but they are not friendly, everything they touch turns to dust literally. Major health risks are caused by food contaminated by ants, their bites, various forms of diseases and cause serious damage to the entire structure of your property. Read also How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats from your house

    Ants need to bring food to their queen by all means and going directly to the source is their only option. In a common household direct sources of food would be under the sink, a dishwasher or garbage disposal, shower and bathroom tiles - where other small dead insects can be easily found attics and roofs.

    An easy and natural way to get rid of ants is to cut them at source by keeping your house clean followed by thorough cleaning once a week, especially during the summer season. Ants leave a trail of scent behind which that helps them follow the food and find their way back home while communicating with other ants through pheromones. Many chemical-induced ways tell you how and what kills ants, but there are also methods that teach us how to get rid of ants naturally. Also read Flying ants swarm - how to get rid of Flying Ants

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    Below are Listed Top 7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Permanently: 

    1. Salt & Talc

    Natural Ant Killer - Salt and Talc

    One of the best natural and chemical-free home remedies for ants is a mixture of salt & talc. If your house is invaded by ants a quick solution to the problem is drawing a line of salt and talcum powder mixture across the infected areas like the kitchen, the threshold, open food areas, bathroom, lawns, and gardens.

    The smell of the mixture is irritating the ants forcing them to break their line and contact causing a disruption that leads them to leave the area. Regular use of salt and talc can erase the scent left by ants for tracing their way in and out of your house, the smell of the mixture is non-existent for humans but ants hate the smell of it enough to not cross the line.

    If the ants happen to satisfy their intriguing taste buds salt will have a drying effect on the insects and ants bodies that accelerates their death, talc serves as the poisoning agent helping them to suffocate and succumb to their death much sooner. Be sure to replace the mixture every few days as dust or regular house cleaning can wipe it out, letting the ants back into your house. Have a look at How to get rid of sugar ants? Do sugar ants bite?

    2. Peanut Butter & Borax

    Home Remedies to kill ants naturally - Peanut Butter & Borax

    The rising quantity of ants in your house should not alarm you, the very first presentation of an ant in your house should startle you enough. Ants can cause serious health damage and you find yourself gradually being surrounded by ants and anthills, you must know how to get rid of ants naturally, as soon as possible.

    Since ants have a strong sweet tooth it is your opportunity to use their food as bait to wipe out an entire colony. Peanut butter serves as the sweet bait while on the other hand, the borax serves as the poison, the mixture is simple to make and all the ingredients can be easily found at home. In case of kids or pets at home who may be curious enough to cause fatal damage, use the bottle or jar method, otherwise, cotton balls work just fine.

    Use 1TB of borax and 3 cups of water with 1 cup of sugar, dip a piece of bread or cotton ball in the solution and finally dab on some peanut butter on it. In the case of the cotton balls, place them in a jar sealed tight with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Punch holes in the plastic wrap and the ants will swoop in and out of the jar to bring back delicious treats for their colonies. The borax helps poison the entire ant colony, wiping them all out. Have a look at How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally - Natural Ant Killers

    3. Cream of Wheat

    Natural home remedies to kill ants naturally - Cream of Wheat

    A simple breakfast porridge wheat made from semolina and for smooth texture made from ground wheat kernels. Cream of Wheat is a chemical-free simple DIY to get rid of ants naturally. The only solution to invading ants is to feed them because they won’t stop at anything as their Queen is demanding and is constantly reproducing, she needs her food.

    The young ones hatched out cannot hunt for their food, therefore, the sole responsibility of feeding the clan is up to the soldiers and you can use their favorite treats to your benefit. Ants love cream of wheat and would aim for it without hesitation, taking it back for themselves and everyone to enjoy, only to find that the ingested item will shock their liver which will interfere in further digestion, which will, in turn, blast their stomachs open.

    You can sprinkle the cream of wheat powder in the ant's infected area of your house, lawns, gardens, kitchen sink and closets which can help prevent the entry of ants inside the house. Keep your household clean at all times and do not leave food outside unless being consumed, use airtight containers to refrigerate the food. You may like to read How to get rid of tiny bumps on face quickly

    4. Vaseline 

    Natural ways to get rid of ants naturally - Vaseline

    Have you ever noticed a trail of black like along the wall or the floor, or in the kitchen or your garden and wondered what are they and once look closer you think and how to get rid of ants permanently. Ants can infest your garden or vegetation and can destroy it completely before you even notice that there is a problem, to begin with.

    Ants find excellent spots to hide where it is almost impossible for humans to reach or look for the problem, the black line of ants slithers across your garden attacking its roots and leaves. Cutting them at the source, meaning blocking the entry of your house for ants is the only solution you can apply to get rid of ants naturally.

    Find their starting point or the anthill, to begin with, and follow the trail and apply vaseline on the trail, as vaseline is slippery and slimy which will the invasion of ants almost impossible. Apply vaseline on ladders, doors, kitchen counters and any other ant-infested areas in your home, this will help you to protect your garden, home, and food. Read also How to get rid of cockroaches instantly? Home remedies that work

    5. Coffee Grounds

    Get rids of ants near the areas of your home - Coffee Grounds

    Ants communicate via pheromones and leaving a scent trail behind, and cutting off their communication will prevent them from entering your vicinity. Many of you are fond of gardens and lawn and growing your vegetation, but every day you forced to face the wrath of ants destroying your beautiful garden. You may like to read What do bed bugs look like

    It seems as though pesticides would be the right way to go in killing the ants, but the same pesticides are fatally harmful to you and your garden or vegetation. Any chemicals used to exterminate insects from your house are 1000 times more effectively harmful to your body and your surroundings and many times be fatal. Coffee Grounds come from nature and go back to nature while providing us with excellent morning coffee and protection from ants.

    Use the leftover of the coffee powder to sprinkle around your garden and on anthills, to kill their scent trail. This method helps to distract them and the strong scent of the coffee overpowers the scent trail of which allows you to get rid of ants effectively and naturally. Coffee grounds are an effective method to get rid of anthills in your yard, garden or lawn. You may like to read How much does youtube pay youtubers per view

    6. Pepper

    Effective to get rids of ants - Pepper

    A strong and easily condiment available in your homes can be used as a strong barrier between you and ants. A few sprinkles of pepper in the infected area of the house destroys the communication between ants and without any signal from other ants, it is difficult for them to find their way back home and survive on their own.

    You can also mix turmeric powder with pepper to create a strong smell of the condiments to keep ants away, sprinkle the mix in all infested areas of your house, also make sure to replace a new batch regularly. The condiments are spicy therefore it is wise to keep it at a safe distance away from children and pets who can easily reach it.

    The mix can be sprinkled on the threshold, windows, roofs, attics, kitchen and bathroom sinks, tiles and drains. If the ants have already invaded your home, Boric Acid can come to your rescue as it is a sure shot home remedy to kill ants. Make a bait with boric acid mixed with honey, sugar, maple syrup and peanut butter.

    The bait is attractive and delicious and the soldier ants would want to take some back for their Queen, the boric acid is fatal for ants when ingested and can effectively wipe out a whole clan. You may like to read Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally and Permanently

    7. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Powerful way to get rids of ants - Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Family picnics are a time to relax and enjoy spending time with your family, with delicious meals and open-air BBQs. Only to find your picnic being invaded and stormed by an army of determined ants headed straight for your food. In a more natural environment is it more likely to spot anthills and different variety of ants and every time you for an outing, you cannot be carrying fatal pesticides in your pocket to kill them.

    Another effective way to get rid of ants naturally is DE - a non-toxic, environmentally friendly repellent for ants, that does not contaminate your utensils or food while you are out enjoying your family picnic. Spray the DE around plants and on anthills and it effectively kills ants naturally, it can also be used in your gardens, vegetation farms, lawns or house plants.

    DE also prevents the future invasion of ants in your home as the substance is very powerful and disliked by ants. DE is not only helpful in eradicating ants but also permanently removes gnats and other insects caused by mold or fungus-like substances, which makes it usable indoors and outdoors like your pest control system. Have a look at Apps that loan you money before payday

    To know how to get rid of ants naturally and permanently, you must keep yourself, your surroundings and your household extremely clean. Do not leave food out in the open that is not meant for consumption, conduct regular inspections and take action immediately at the first sight of an ant. Natural home remedies like mint, vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon, cucumber peel, liquid dish soap, molasses, citrus peel, garlic, chalk, essential oils, rubbing alcohol, clove oil, cornmeal are items used daily in a regular household.

    The right mixture of items can be used regularly to kill or get rid of ants permanently. While ants can damage your food, the structure of the house, farms, and lawns, ants can also cause serious health problems if not attended to right away. You may like to read How do you get bed bugs? 

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