How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats from your house

7 effective ways to get rid of fruit flies and gnats successfully

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats?

  • Use apple cider vinegar to make a DIY gnat trap, to get rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats.

  • Spray Vanilla mixed with dish soap on gnat infected areas, as it is known to be a strong repellent for gnats and fruit flies.

  • Use essential oils with vinegar to spray on fruit flies and gnats.

  • Baking soda along with vinegar helps to keep sinks and drains clean, which helps to keep fruit flies away.

  • Place cotton balls dipped in lavender oil over the gnat and fruit flies invaded area.

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon powder in all areas of your home prone to gnat and fruit fly infestation to keep them away.

  • Place a candle in a bowl filled with water and place it in the infected area to get rid of gnats.
  • 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats Successfully

    Spring is the season where everything and everyone seems to be blooming. Offspring's of birds and animals can be seen and heard at every corner and the weather seems impeccable. It is that time of the year where one can enjoy a breath of fresh air and not be too cold or warm to enjoy a beautiful day. You may like to read Apps that Pay to Lose Weight

    But then it is also that time of the year when house flies and fungus gnats make their way into our lives. Gnats are extremely tiny and multiply profusely which makes everyone wonder where do gnats come from? It is us who leave around breeding grounds for gnats and fruit flies that later turn into a living nightmare for us. Open sewer drainage, open overripe fruits, pilling up unclean utensils and stagnant water bodies all of which can be found in and around our homes. Read also How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies & Gnats from your house

    Gnats are brown or dark slender insects that look like flies but what you see are full-sized adult gnats. Biting and non-biting gnats very much exist around us, but the one commonly found around our yard or in our houses are the non-biting gnats which also found in three varieties: fungus gnats, fruit flies or drain flies (phorid flies).

    Summers and spring are a difficult time of the year as moisture or any organic substances offer a breeding ground for gnats and fruit flies. Gnats and fruit flies are often found in common households as they scan the area for any wet or decaying matter. Some of the most common hosting grounds found in your house for gnats and fruit flies are as follows:

    Humans: Yes! To your shock, humans are the best hosting and feeding grounds for gnats and fruit flies. Everything a summer needs to survive on can be found on the human body, some of their favorites are mucus, sweat, high body temperature, tears, and CO2.

    WetLands: If you enjoy gardening and happen to have a small yard, gnats are like unwelcome guests who never leave. Wet garbage cans, spilled food, overwatered plants, leaky pipes, moisture in vents and accumulated trash under the sink all make for a lovely home for gnats and fruit flies.

    Daily Meals: Sweet fragrances are a weakness for gnats and fruit flies or might say that they have a sweet tooth for decaying fruits and vegetables, especially the ones left out in the open. During the summer all food matter tends to decay at a much faster rate which is the base feeding ground for gnats and fruit flies.

    House Gardens: If you are fond of growing flowers other leafy trees and plants, gnats and fruit flies make a secret safe house of the soil, roots and rotting leaves. Mold, fungus, compost, and moss are easily found in common households that cause severe gnat and fruit fly problems.

    It is important to keep your surroundings, house and yourself clean and hygienic. Constant neglect of your hygiene can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. Below are mentioned some natural remedies to trap and get rid of gnats and fruit flies successfully: The best fruit fly trap diy.

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    Table of Content

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Since gnats and fruit flies love the taste and fragrance of sweetness, you can use that to your advantage and easily make homemade gnat traps. This is an easy and effective method to trap gnats and fruit flies.

    Use four cups of water, three tablespoons of vinegar, 2tb of sugar, 2 TB of dish soap, a jar, plastic wrap, and a rubber band to make yourself a DIY apple cider vinegar gnat trap.

    Damp areas in your home like the kitchen, or the garden and under the sink area where gnats and fruit flies tend to accumulate, placing a cider vinegar jar in every corner of the area can help you successfully trap all the gnats and fruit flies.

    The traps are easy to make and very effective, you will also need to replace them frequently if you have a severe gnat case. Prepare a separate solution of sugar and dish soap and mix it well before pouring it into a glass jar half-filled with apple cider vinegar, finally seal the jar tightly with plastic wrap and a rubber band.

    Create several tiny holes into the plastic wrap with the help of a fork, the sweet fragrance of the sugar will attract the gnats and fruit flies straight into the jar and because of lack of landing area, they drown into the solution you put in the jar. You may like to read How to get rid of tiny bumps on face quickly

    2. Vanilla

    Despite known for its sweetness, vanilla turns out to be a strong repellent for gnats and fruit flies. Vanilla is commonly used and found item in many houses, it can be used for cooking, in beauty products or natural healing. The more appealing the fragrance of vanilla is to humans, the more it repels gnats and fruit flies which is why it makes for the best home remedy.

    Vanilla can be easily bought in stores or purchased online through various websites and making a vanilla gnat repellent is even easier. The repellent is in the form of a spray that can be sprayed all over the infected or non-infected areas in the house, even before gnats and fruit flies invade your house.

    Make sure to keep your kitchen as dry as possible, but under the sink and fridge are tough spots to reach, which is why a spray bottle with gnat repellent comes in handy. Use two cups of water, 2 TB of vanilla or 5-10 drops of vanilla oil and drops of liquid dish soap and stir the mixture well before pouring it into the spray bottle.

    Spray the solution on windows, vents, under the sink and fridge and around your house garden, this helps in preventing gnats and fruit flies to enter the vicinity. Read also How to get rid of cockroaches instantly? Home remedies that work

    3. Essential Oils

    Sometimes it takes long before you actually realize there is a gnat invasion in your home, as seeing a few gnats and fruit flies flying around seem normal. It is not long before, till they find their breeding ground and before you know it everywhere you look there is a gnat or a fruit fly.

    Many chemical products don’t come to your rescue and you wonder how to get rid of gnats and fruit flies completely. While essential oils have a calming effect on our physical and mental health, they are also fatal repellents for gnats and fruit flies.

    Essential oils are made from particular flower, herb and tree extractions for human consumption and benefits, while some oils are known to cause blindness, irritation and suffocate the insects. Which why essential oils make for a perfect gnat repellent and you can DIY, use one cup distilled water, one cup white vinegar, 15 drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops rosemary oil and 7 drops of peppermint oil.

    Mix all the ingredients together and prepare a solution to pour into a spray bottle which you can directly spray on adult gnats and fruit flies flying around your house. You may like to read How much does youtube pay youtubers per view

    4. Baking Soda and Vinegar

    The kitchen area in your house is the most invaded because no matter how much you try to keep your kitchen dry, the drain pipes will always be wet, which is a hotbed for breeding gnats and drain flies. Drain pipes and garbage disposals are the hardest to reach during a spring cleaning, and baking soda and vinegar are your best to kill the gnats and fruit flies while cleaning the drains and garbage disposal.

    Pour three to five Tbsp of baking soda into your sink drain and then one cup of vinegar to it, which will cause a fizz like a chemical reaction, this solution will help in dissolving the decaying organic substance in the drains and garbage disposals.

    Allow the solution 20 minutes to work its magic and pour hot water down the drain which will wash out the dead gnats and clean the drains and pipes. Baking Soda and Vinegar are known to be effective homemade remedies used as cleaning or disinfecting agents, the solution is chemical-free, inexpensive and very effective.

    Along with hydrogen peroxide, you can clear out any kind of fungus, moss or mold which may cause serious health and breathing problems. You may like to read Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally and Permanently

    5. Lavender

    Gnats are fruit flies are known to be attracted to sweetness and what could be more sweeter than lavender? A certain element of the lavender flower or oil completely repels away gnats and fruit flies, while on the contrary lavender fragrance around the house is known to cause healing effects on humans.

    You can either place cotton balls dipped in lavender oil over the gnat and fruit flies invaded area or plant lavender in and around your house which also serves as a natural chemical-free repellent and room freshener. Lavender is known to calm your senses and has an overall healing effect in the house and the people living in it.

    It is going to be a homemade remedy and anyone who asks you how to get rid of gnats, you have the perfect answer. Essential oils like Citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary and tea tree have natural insect repellents built in them to protect nearby vegetation around them.

    Nature has all the remedies to deal with any kind of infestation and mixing these natural essential oils with one cup of distilled water and one cup of white vinegar, you can easily make multiple fragrant repellents and room fresheners for your home. Have a look at Apps that loan you money before payday

    6. Cinnamon

    A delicious condiment used in various kinds of food and baking items is also a natural chemical free sweet smelling repellent. There are several chemical-free ways to kill gnats and fruit flies, but if you don’t cut them off at the source like decaying organic matter, dirty dishes or open drainage systems they will keep coming back and cause havoc for you.

    Since cinnamon is a commonly used product is every household unless someone is allergic to it, cinnamon is an effective repellent for gnats, fruit flies and fungus. You can even sprinkle some over and around your plants which will avoid further breeding of gnats in the soil, sprinkle cinnamon powder in all areas of your home prone to infestation, and make sure to regularly put out fresh cinnamon. Cinnamon left out in the open can lead to other kinds of insects that are attracted to it and cause more damage.

    The main source of food for gnats and fruit flies are rotten fruits, cinnamon has antifungal properties that destroy the fungus around or on rotten food and fruit. You may like to read How do you get bed bugs? 

    7. Candle

    Since light too is the main source for insects, an effective gnat and fruit fly trap is a candle in a bowl of water. An effective way that will not fail you to trap and kill gnats and fruit flies. Place a candle in a bowl filled with water and place it in the infected area, switch off all the lights in the room so the candle is the only source of light for them. The flame will attract them and burn off their wings dropping them instantly into the water and killing them, secondly, they might also follow the shadow of the flame directly into the water drowning them completely.

    As we all know gnats and fruit flies are attracted to taste and fragrance sweetness, which might make you wonder how can sweet ingredients help in getting rid of gnats and fruit flies? Certain condiments and products found in regular households tend to be very beneficial for humans but turn out to be extremely harmful and sometimes fatal for insects. In order to avoid an insect invasion in your house make sure to wash up dirty dishes, mindfully collect, separate and dispose off the trash, don’t leave food out in the open, if there is extra food store them in proper containers, keep regular checks on fungus or mold in the house and make sure to regularly dry out damp areas, repair and clean holes and cracks in windows and doors. Follow a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, the best way to keep your surroundings clean is to get involved with neighbors and make everyone aware of the health hazards caused by hygiene negligence. You may like to read What do bed bugs look like

    All remedies mentioned above are natural, easy to find and effective in killing or getting rid of insects, fungus, mold or moss from your house.

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