How to lose weight fast without exercise? - 14 Proven Ways

14 Proven Ways to Lose Weight at Home Without Exercise

Best ways to lose weight fast without exercising

Wondering How to lose weight fast? and the first thing that comes to your mind is to exercise. But exercising is something that needs a lot of dedication and time, which people like me lack. Many times we plan to start exercising regularly but end up being unsuccessful.

The problem here being that I’m a foodie and can’t resist eating junk food and I hardly get time from my busy schedule for workout or gym. Everyone wants to look slim and fit and So do I. Since I know there are many more like me always in search of easy methods which can help us lose this stubborn belly fat, I have made a list of tricks and tips on how to lose weight without working out.

14 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

1. Eat Slowly

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Chew Thoroughly and Slow Down

We have been listening to this from our elders but have you ever put stress on it that does it work or not? Or why people say so? The logic behind it is that your brain requires time to process the
 food. Thus chewing your food slowly automatically decreases the speed of eating and the portion of quantity while increasing the number of times you chew the food. This digest the food completely and your tummy gets full faster.

Weight loss experts believe that people who eat faster are more likely to gain weight. So next time eat your meals slowly.

2. Use Smaller Plates

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Use Smaller Plates for Unhealthy Foods

People always wonder can I lose weight without exercise. Yes why not, the solution is right here. The typical big food plates contribute towards your weight gain ultimately. Change your big plate with a smaller one which will lead to a decrease in the quantity of your meal by making the food look larger. The food in bigger plates always tends to look small causing an increase in the intake of food. Also, try to eat healthy stuff on bigger plates while unhealthy on the smaller plates.

3. Include Protein Rich Foods

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Eat Plenty of Protein

Proteins fill your stomach faster and reduce the urge of hunger by feeding you with fewer calories. The protein affects several hormones like ghrelin and GLP-1 which reduces the urge of hunger. Recent research has found that the proteins have helped to reduce approx 30% of calories which in turn helps you to lose 11 pounds in a week without restricting the food habits.

So from next time add proteins in your breakfast like eggs chicken breasts, fish, Greek yoghurt, lentils, quinoa and almonds which will reduce the potentiality of eating a heavy lunch and the calories will be reduced throughout the day. It's the simplest way to lose weight without exercise.

4. Keep Junk Food out of Sight

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Store Unhealthy Foods out of Sight

Having unhealthy junk food in front of you,increases the cravings and diverts your mind towards it. It becomes hard to put control on your feeling and you end up eating it. The whole process results in weight gain. So it's better to replace that food with healthy fruits.

According to a study the people who stored such unhealthy foods out of sight end up not putting on much unwanted weight. It’s been proven a fantastic way to lose weight without exercise.

5. Include Lots of Fiber

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods have the same benefits as protein-rich foods. It reduces the urge of food by making the stomach full which ultimately reduces your diet. Viscous fiber is also known as a good source for weight loss, as it forms a gel while coming in contact with water. The gel further helps in increasing nutrient absorption from the food consumed.

This amazing fiber can only be found in green vegetables like beans, oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds. The well-known substance called glucomannan is used for weight loss due to its richness in viscous fiber.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Drink Water Regularly

Drinking water before a meal is known to fill your stomach, which reduces your capacity to eat. According to the research, it has been found that those drinking half a litre of water before 30 mins of their meals are likely to intake fewer calories causing a massive weight loss within 12 weeks. For better results. Avoid calorie-loaded drinks like soda or juice to see greater effects.

You can also add foods rich in water like fruits and veggies in your diet, which will fill your stomach faster. You can add soup, salad and spices for your meal. It also keeps you hydrated and fit and supplies as a source of water which is good for weight loss.

7. Consume Smaller Portions to lose weight no exercise!!

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Serve Yourself Smaller Portions lose weight no exercise

People get attracted to unhealthy food and end up eating huge quantity especially in the restaurant. It is the ultimate cause of weight gain. You should take sufficient amount of quantity in lunch and breakfast but reduce the amount in the dinner time.

Your dinner should be light because after dinner people go to sleep and don't do any activities which leaves all the calories from their dinner meal to remain unburnt. Also, try to eat your dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. It has been found that people taking a heavy amount of calories at dinner are tend to gain more weight.

8. Concentrate on Food while Eating

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Eat Without Electronic Distractions

Paying attention primarily on your food, helps you keep track of how much you have eaten. If you are engaged in watching TV, your focus remains somewhere else and you end up overeating. According to the survey people who are distracted while eating, end up eating extra which could have a massive impact in the long term.

9. Get Good Sleep

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

People nowadays neglect their health and did not get time to sleep well. The stress has overburdened many people. But both these elements play a vital role in increasing your weight. Improper sleep and stress fluctuate the hormones like leptin, ghrelin and cortisol which increase the hunger and cravings for unhealthy food. Not only this but it can increase the risk of severe diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Early sleep and early rise keep a man fit and fine!!

Try to go to bed early which helps to avoid late-night snacks. If you don't take your sleep properly it slows down your metabolism. Sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours helps to burns out your calorie.

10. Avoid Sugary Drinks

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Eliminate Sugary Drinks

Nothing is more harmful to you than the added sugar in many packaged foods and drinks. The excess calories present in these sugary drinks are easy to consume as it doesn't fill your stomach. The soda and juice packs found in the market would be a great example of it. These increase the risk of many health issues, so next time replace it with healthy beverages like water or green tea.
Instead, you can go for low-fat milk in your breakfast which helps to fill your belly with lesser calories. The calcium-enriched food includes potassium and magnesium which can be found in dairy products.

Caffeine is also a good source of eliminating excess water from the body by keeping you fresh. But don't overdose it. Its regular use can help to flatten the belly.

11. Cook at Home

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Boost your cooking skills

If your mind is wandering about how to lose weight without working out, the solution is here. Preparing your food wisely could be very helpful in losing your weight, it just needs some special skills. Learning to cook will help you cook healthier food using fewer calories and low fat ingredients. Preparing homemade food will help you keep a balance of taste and health.

For this, you need to have proper knowledge of which ingredients contains more nutrients or helps in weight loss. You can use those artistically. Include fruits and vegetables in your meal and make some delicious recipes by taking the help of cookery classes or watch online videos. Its a perfect example of a diet without exercise.

12. Include Probiotics

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Try a probiotic

can you lose weight without working out? Yes of course. Probiotic bacteria are beneficial to internal digestion and have a great impact on weight, fat mass, and mood. Humans are known to be the host of bacteria because they provide them with food and in turn, bacteria keeps the intestines healthy. It helps to regulate the body weight and provides energy in the gut wall which helps to reduce the sugar in good bacteria.

Probiotics are naturally present in many food ingredients including yoghurt. You can also buy it at any pharmacy shop. This is one of the best home remedies to reduce belly fat without exercise.

13. Don't skip meals

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Don't skip meals

Having your food on time boosts your metabolism. Try to eat every 3-4 hours in small proportions. Skipping your morning meals starves you to hunger and you can face the problem of bloating or acidity. Also skipping your meals, makes you consume more calories in the next meal. Being regular to your meal keeps burning calories at a steady rate.

14. Snack on nuts.

How to lose weight fast without exercise - Snack on nuts

Wondering how to lose belly fat without exercise. Try some nuts. Nuts are known to maintain a lower circumference of the waist as they are rich in monounsaturated fats. Go for unsalted ones for better results to cut off the sodium-induced puff but take it in small quantities.

So these were some healthy tips which you can follow in your daily routine to lose weight without working out. However, there are many other things which you can try apart from these. You can take the help of online videos where they share homemade remedies for such a solution. The honey and lemon in hot water are the solutions is one among it.

For losing your weight, you need to make these changes in your daily routine and follow it regularly for some great results. These tips are not the only best way to lose weight without exercise but will keep you fit and away from diseases. In short maintaining, a healthy lifestyle is all you need to do.

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