10 Easiest Ways to Make Money for Kids

Money can buy happiness and kids earn money. Yes, that’s true. But what do you think would be the happiness in case of kids? These could be books, toys, bicycles, video games, candies, chocolates and abundant others. A good number of people are accompanied with a myth that kids are never accompanied with a dire need to earn. Well, truly many of them might not have the same but there are many kids who need to make some money but aren’t able to do that because they are never able to meet the age requirements, of course!

You won’t believe but there really are many ways for kids to make money from side jobs. Just for those kinds of super-young people who have a deep desire to fill up their pockets with some money we have brought an array of answers about how to earn money as a kid. Well, it must always be kept in mind that for being an entrepreneur age must never matter.

Have a look at the below mentioned top 10 ways sorting out your interrogation on how to make money as a kid. Undoubtedly, these are going to prove as truly helpful pointers for you:


1. Selling the drooling candies

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Selling the drooling candies

Is your kid a cooking lover and has it has always been your kid’s passion? If yes, then you must definitely try out his/her hands in selling the mouth-watering candies and other bakery items. Even if your kid is as small as a 15 years child and you are continually thinking about how to make money as a 15 year old then this is going to solve your confusion.

Being a parent, you can get a website or blog maintained for your kid in which he/she is going to sell the cookies and other bakery items made by him/her. You can promote the website in the varied social media platforms and also, tell about the same to your family and friends. This business can start off by locally distributing the products and thus, there would be no spending on shipping of the items.

2. Get renowned via YouTube Channels

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Get renowned via YouTube Channels

It is the ultimate cuteness of the kids and their astonishing actions that let them gain the utmost attention even from the random people. This is not only prevalent in the offline world but also in the online world. In order to sort out the issue in your kid’s head about how to make money fast as a kid, you can help them out in getting their own YouTube Channel created. This is an amazing way for your kid to make some legit money from home.

Irrespective of the talent the kid is hailing with, whether he is a dire follower of dancing, singing, reading, cooking or even if he is into reviewing the toys used before, they can be shown via YouTube like popular Kid Youtuber Ryan of Ryan Toys Review.

Surely, the child has an ability of impressing others with the uniqueness and charm, no wonder he is going to gain millions of subscribers on YouTube with his mind-blowing talent and activities. This will give him good results if he is patient enough to grab the audience’s attention.

3. Selling the ‘no more usable’ items

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Selling the ‘no more usable’ items

This one definitely isn’t a job, however it is one of the most perfect and the easiest ways to attain some money. Obviously, you might be having innumerable items which are no more useful for you and also, you might have to get rid of them quite sooner. If yes, then nothing can be more perfect than selling them to someone who is in great need to get them.

Also, through a good number of instances and the statements given by many kids, they have notified that selling of unusable items has let the kids make money. These unusable items can be your clothes, books, toys, electronics, or any other relatable thing that is no longer of use for you. This can be done by many ways:
  • You can sell the items directly to the buyer.
  • Also, it can be sold to a shop that might then further give that to the buyer.
  • Lastly, the objects can be sold to some online portals who are into the trading of such things.

4. Assistance in tech related activities

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Assistance in tech related activities

Undoubtedly, no one is even going to question this statement; but kids nowadays are a genius in case of technology. They are always hooked to the tech related things and due to their being tech savvy, every kid is presently aware about the digital media.

These children have continually been a passionate follower of the latest technology and so, they are able to keep abreast with the technological advancements. Kids can make use of their tech knowledge especially during the vacations by providing assistance to their seniors and other known people.

This is counted amongst the various very easy ways to make money for kids. Such jobs might include helping out any of your seniors in setting up a computer, help them in creating albums, entering some contact information in the data entry and many others. Being a parent, if your kid is owning a website or a blog, then there is a need for you to keep an eye on the work and also take necessary precautions in order to take care of the privacy.

5. Working on a farm

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Working on a farm

How about spending some time closer with nature and work on a farm? This is literally going to be a fun-filled experience and also, it will be enabling you gain money. According to the child labour laws, it is said that the preteens are not at all allowed to work in many situations.

However, working in the farms might be possible since it is considered to be non-hazardous to work in some selected farms if the parents give a written consent. This will prove as a very enjoyable job and also, a great pocket money is also going to fill up your pockets.

Seeing the crops grow, getting to know about the life and daily activities of the farmers and also, more information about the crops they are growing. Everything is going to be so perfect with this way of earning money.

6. Helping mom out

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Helping a mom out

If you are not in an age that would allow you to indulge in the babysitting activities at your home, it doesn’t mean that you are going to stop. Well, how about helping your mom in her household chores and getting paid for it in return? There are many mothers who would just love a kid to entertain their babies and play with them when they need.

Never mind, you can ask for some extra cash from them in return. One of the best ways telling how to make money fast as a kid at home, is helping a mom out. Not only babysitting, you can also help them clean the stuff while the baby is taking a nap or getting other things at their perfect places without any kind of hassle. Earn miscellaneous money and enjoy the days at your best.

7. Spend some time with pets

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Pet Sitting

Pets have always been every person’s best friend and staying with them has always been a quite delightful experience for many. Those who have dogs as their pets are quite habitual of treating these animals as members of their family. Thus, they have always intended to let them have the utmost attention despite their being busy in their daily schedule. You might be thinking why is this connected with the solution to the question of how can kids make money. This is because, kids can earn some money by taking care of the dogs of some people during their absence.

You can either contact the people directly who are searching for someone to take care of their pets and prove yourself apt for the job, else you can also register in some online portals which enables your neighbors know that you are available to spend some time with their dogs. Any one out of the both ways shall be chosen by you, however you can also opt for both the options. You need to show your neighbors that you are willing to take care of their cute pets with high attention!

8. Quenching others’ thirst through a lemonade stand

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Quenching others’ thirst through a lemonade stand

This will not only be a job for you but it will also be acting as a social service for many. You can prepare some lemonade and sell it to the people. Such a way has always proved as a great answer about how to get money as a kid. Also, it would be a double bonanza if people start liking your lemonade and thus, come there more frequently than before.

This has been continually proving as the most renowned and way too common business idea for kids. Being a kid, it would be quite easier for you to attract more customers towards your lemonade stand since the people are always more attracted towards the preteens. Also, they won’t really mind spending 2 or 3 dollars for a glass of lemonade. This is literally going to give you a good amount of dollars and it is thus, the most apt way of earning money to buy all the things that you need.

9. Making the walls colorful through paintings

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Making the walls colorful through paintings

Kids obviously love colors and working for some money in the same thing is surely going to be an interesting experience for you all. Mentioning about the very famous way telling how to get money fast for kids, painting the walls inside out has been one of the most innovative ways. Generally, houses need to be updated with a different color once in every 4-5 years and, in order to earn some money, kids can contribute to it.

With your artistic skills, you are free to put out your paint brushes and colour the walls with the monotonous patterns and any kind of color that the owner wants. Sometimes, you will be asked to fix one spot or the other, however during some time the owner might also look forward to the usage of brand-new colors. The part time profession of painting is quite profitable and also, it is way too enjoyable activity of attaining some extra cash.

10. Entertaining the kids at events

How To Make Money Fast As A Kid - Entertaining the kids at events

Are you an entertainer and do you love to dance, sing or mimic? If yes, then you have already got a very exciting and enjoyable part time task to earn some money from. Being someone who can just spend some time while entertaining the children in the birthday parties is one of the most preferable ways to earn money as a kid.

Just in case, you have the ability of making the kids laugh, then you are also quite capable of turning the same into some profit letting you earn some good money. This is considered as a funnier as well as a fun-filled manner of attaining income by being a clown or a singer. Apart from that, you can also make some friends while being there interacting with the children present in the birthday part or any other respective location.


So, on having a look at the aforementioned pointers, you might have at least got a perfect idea about how to make money as a kid online or even offline from these side jobs. Apart from these ideas kids can also make money from their smartphone, through money making apps. In the present world, kids have always been the foremost in each and every aspect. They are always excited to do new things and also be a part for many engrossing as well as fun-filled activities happening daily.

The kids are never ever enough with anything and thus, they are continually trying to stay an indispensable part of every single task. Some people also entail that nowadays, the younger generation is more focused on earning money. However, the age requirements of the kids and teenagers never matter.

The above showcased ways telling about the most perfect options to earn some money fast as kids via both offline and online sources are quite satisfactory. Choose the best out of them and start trying them in the best way possible with all your dedication and interest. 

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