Make money from your phone with Money Making Apps

15 effective apps that will help you earn extra money

15 effective apps that will help you earn extra money

In today’s times, there is hardly anyone who has escaped the web of technology. We are all dependent on technology for our daily bread. From video calls, online shopping, gaming, sharing videos and photos, we simply cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones or laptops.

While that being said, with all the hard work that we put in, wouldn’t it be nice to earn some extra cash on the side? So guess what, you can now earn extra money through free money making apps on your phone, while browsing through the internet doing what you normally do in your spare time. Watching videos, leaving reviews, getting friends to sign-up for apps, mystery shopping, filling up online surveys, clicking ads & using referral codes are some of the many ways you can earn a few extra bucks through apps on your phone.

The money making apps are much popular among the youth, who find themselves with a lot of spare time on their hands, and they can now use that spare time to earn money through apps doing the same thing. These free money making apps meet all your requirements of the perfect online job by offering the use of the apps from the comfort of your home, meeting your money-saving and money-making needs and without the need to worry about who you be might be interacting with in the apps.

The money making apps are safe and have gone through thorough background checks, to help you avoid falling for any scams. As you know, ever dollar counts and it is very important to also keep in mind that there are many predators out there waiting for their next target.

You must keep yourself informed and up to date with the apps and keep a look on the app ratings and make sure to read the user reviews. Another way to detect frauds is to keep a lookout for apps that ask for a ‘fee to register’ or show you extra high potential earnings. And last but not the least, you can always check with the Better Business Bureau to see the business’s ratings or any registered complaints.

And as we all know, there is an app for almost anything and everything and new app makers constantly look for people who can review their apps and products to use the app for free, or review the products for which you receive points to redeem or direct cash in your PayPal or Paytm account. One can easily make between 1$ - 10$ in a matter of hours, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the work, which is also one of the best features - you can work around your schedule as it fits you best.

The money making apps will not you make you rich instantly, but it is an easy and effective way to earn some extra pocket money for your basic daily needs. It is also a life saver for travelers, or people looking for remote work, who have been on the road for a long time and are looking to make some extra cash. Stay at home moms, college students or for that matter anyone who is looking to earn extra cash, can now use money making apps straight from their phones.

Every minute we have to spare, can be used to make money, money that if you save can account up enough for you to afford a vacation for yourself. The applications are easily available on Android and iOS where you can find endless real money making apps, that help you earn extra cash, redeem gift cards, free recharges, PayTM cash, etc.

The money making apps, do much more than just make you real money like any other legitimate work from home jobs, they also gives you a sense of freedom to try new things, that you never had the time or money for. The money making apps help you find financial freedom, and an option to break away from the daily rut of a 9-5 job to enjoy spending time with your family, or buying that special gift for a special someone or simply planning and actually going on a vacation for yourself.

Every teenager has a smartphone these days, and they too are always looking for ways - any kind of ways, to make a few extra bucks. They need money, for the latest make-up, or the coolest pair of shoes, or to grab a beer or to follow the latest trend of clothes and the money making app is just the thing for teens to make some money online.

Rather than spending their time with company they shouldn’t be with, or be doing things they shouldn’t, or be watching ‘stuff’ online they shouldn’t, they can now spend that time being actually productive. Once the first dollar roles in, you get hooked and you can’t let go, you start with one app and don’t believe it the first time around, or the second or the third, but once you see actual money being transferred into you PayPal or PayTM account you would believe it.

We are in a generation of start ups, everyone has a creative and brilliant idea and are looking for investors or are loaning money to get their business’s up and running. With high competition it gets very difficult to convince someone to invest in your work and since everyone is in a hurry there is not enough time to explain your ideas. The point with the money making apps is, you have to be patient enough and wait for your income to show actual progress. It is totally up to you, on how much work you can handle in a day and if you can, you end up earning at least 100$ a day, which is not quiet bad.

Once you get the hang of how the apps work, you can easily start making money and save up a good amount for your dream project, without having to be financially dependent on anyone else. The money making app is also helpful for anyone who is looking for ways to pay back their loans, without having to worry about finding a second job. Parents who have full time jobs, single parents who have full time jobs, and cannot afford a baby-sitter or day care, can use these money making apps, to earn extra money on the side that can help them pay for the extra needs for their children.

Many times, while planning a fun weekend out with the friends, we find ourselves short on cash because of the bills we have to pay and other things that need to be taken care of, we end up cancelling plans. Money making apps gives you instant payout after you have completed a task, directly into your account no matter where you are. Now you can never find yourself “short on cash”, and you can enjoy a night out, or a fun weekend out with your friends.

Expenses are high and average income is low, which is why we miss out on many things in life, that could be enjoyed if weren’t stuck in 9-5 rut. We are afraid to take a day off from work because we would lose our pay for the day, but we also miss out on our kids football game, a recital or a play they were in because of the same reason. By using the money making apps, you can consider taking a day off just to spend time with family and enjoy your day with an indulgence you’ve been longing.

The answer to your question of how to make money on my phone? is below. I have listed out 15 best money making apps for your Android or iOS phones that you can easily find in your play store. Download them, follow the instructions and you are good to go. Making money from these apps is so easy that even kids can make money.

1. Swagbucks

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Swagbucks

People often shopping at Walmart, Target or Amazon, can earn SB points by doing simple tasks online like watching videos, searching the web and completing surveys. Upon completing the tasks you will be ‘paid’ in Swagbucks points which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Depending on how many tasks you can complete in a day, you can easily earn $5 a day.

If someone signs up through your link, you get paid. Depending on how much time you are willing to spend watching videos and completing surveys you can earn a good amount each day. Swagbucks may not make you a full time income, but it is a legit site that can help you make money. Each online survey on Swagbucks has a different payout, with some offering at least $50. But most will pay less and take less time, 100 SB = $1 and you can except to earn 40-200 SB points per survey.

2. Ibotta

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Ibotta

Ibotta is a lifesaver for anyone looking to save on cash - which is of course all of us. We would always love for ways to save our hard earned money while grocery shopping, traveling and specially clothes shopping. Ibotta offers it’s members, great deals on items they are already going to buy. No credit or reward, but they offer real cash on your purchases and also for referring your friends to use Ibotta. The offers range from your local grocery store to Walmart or Target.

Many have successfully saved upto $300 with their purchases through Ibotta. All you have to do is pay through the Ibotta app, while making a purchase through the wide selection of online stores they have to offer like Macy’s, Amazin, Joann, American eagle, Uber, Pier1, Walmart, Gap and many other stores.

3. eBates 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- ebates

For all you shopaholics out there, there is good news! You can now get paid for shopping, the one thing enjoyed mostly by everyone, that brings you joy until you have a huge bill to pay, but only this time you get a cash back for all your purchases. eBates offers it’s members a 10% cash back on all your purchases, for example, if you’ve shopped for $500, you will get $50 in cash back.

eBates is an affiliate marketing business model, where companies pay people for referring sales, as eBates is affiliated with over 2,000 stores. When eBates links to a retail stores, eBates gets a commission and that commission is shared with you, when you make a purchase at the affiliated stores.

4. Worthy Bonds

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps -  Worthy bonds

For people looking for financial security, or funds to starting a new business can now make 5% interest on their investment in small, financially liquid businesses. Every month, you get paid fixed interest amounts on your bond investments until your bond matures or you sell the bond. The process is simple and effective, as Worthy Bonds let’s you in invest in small loans, each bond being $10 each with a 36-month repayment term.

To build an investment portfolio and save for a retirement plan, a 5% annual return will be much higher than the current savings account. It is of course not a smart move to invest all of your money in small businesses straight away, but it is also a passive income idea for future savings. The money used from bond sales is loaned by small businesses, who then in return pay interest on the money they have borrowed and your funds grow from the interest that accumulates. Also, you can redeem bonds at their interest, any time you want.

5. Surveys on the go

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Surveys on the go

For people who have an opinion and a critic mind. People who enjoy reading and discussing about politics, business, entertainment, news, media and technology can share their knowledge by giving reviews and get paid for it. Surveys on the go, a mobile market research tool that pays people for their opinions on various topics and issues, is available for Android and iOS devices and is easily available on AppStore or GooglePlay.

Once you have downloaded the app and finished the surveys enough to reach a $10 mark, you can withdraw your cash using your PayPal account. You are free do to the surveys at your own time, as you will receive one to two new surveys per week and keeping your notifications on will keep you updated about new surveys. For you safety and the safety of your bank information, SOTG, uses PayPal, or Starbucks gift cards.

6. Loco App

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Loco App

For nerds who have exceptional trivia knowledge and find it difficult to hold a conversation with regular topics, can now use their knowledge to earn upto Rs.10,000/- by answering questions in trivia games. A live trivia game show app, that offers an interactive game for players to answer 10 multiple choice questions and win money in real time.

Nevertheless, the questions will not be easy, you will have to turn your nerd mode on and you will need have an exceptional trivia knowledge and the ability to answer tough questions in a short span of time. It’s not as difficult as it seems and there is of course no harm in trying out a new game, that could help you earn some major extra cash.

7. Slide Joy 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Slidejoy

Slide Joy a user friendly app, that pays you for using your phone just the way you normally would, meaning, they pay you for unlocking your phone. The app rewards users for lock screen ads, as the app places ads on your lock screen and every time a user unlocks their phone they must swipe left to view the apps displayed then engage with the ad to get paid.

You can easily earn anywhere between $5-$15 a month by unlocking your phone, you can also increase your earnings from the app by completing the paid surveys they have to offer.

8. Sweat Coin 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Sweat Coin

For anyone and everyone looking for a reason to drop that last pound, looking for motivation to lose weight to fit into your favorite dress, what could be more than getting paid to get into shape? Sweat Coin is an app that pays you for your movements or every step that you take. Every 1,000 steps converts into a single Sweat Coin and you are paid 95% of it, as Sweat Coin charges 5% commission.

9. Foap 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Foap

For all photographers out there, looking for a break and turning their passion of photography into regular income, Foam is the platform for you. Photographers can easily upload their photos on Foap and every picture sold, Foap divides the amount 50-50. To increase your income, and build your portfolio join the Foap missions to earn prizes for every winning image which start at$50. Not a bad start to selling your photographs, gaining popularity and showcasing your work.

10. Mobee

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Mobee

Mobee an app for people who wish to be real life ninjas or secret agents, Mobee offers you a chance to go on Mystery shopping missions. You have to be an undercover shopper and complete your mission and gain your rewards. You have to offer your opinions on your favourite restaurants and shopping brands and Mobee pays you to shop and dine at them and by answering simple questions about your favourite retailers, brands or restaurants can earn you upto $1-$5 upon every completed task.

11. iPoll

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- ipoll

While shopping, or eating at a restaurant or traveling to a new place, you come across all kinds if experiences, good and bad, and you instantly have the urge to share your experiences as your opinions about the services. It is helpful to leave reviews for others to make a well informed decision, and your input is valuable and so iPoll pays it’s members for sharing their reviews. You can straight up earn $5 for signing up, another $15 a week, depending on how much time you are willing to dedicate to complete the surveys.

12. Field Agent 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Field agent

As the name suggests, your job is to actually be a field agent for companies, to help them serve their customers better. You will given jobs, that could pay you between $1-$12, where you will have to use you smartphones to capture photos and videos from stores and other locations. Your job is to simply collect consumer surveys, in-store display checks, find a specific product, click it’s picture and answer questions about it and price check.

Your money is safely secured in the Field Agent account until you decide to “cash out” and once you do, the cash out allow you to send money straight to your bank account. For anyone looking to make a few extra bucks, can try this money making app and earn real time money.

13. Google Opinion Rewards

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Google Opinion Rewards

Who knew someday technology would come up with a way, to pay people for their opinions - since everybody has got one. It’s the most productive and effective way, to communicate your reviews or complete online surveys to earn a few extra dollar. Google Opinion Rewards can pay $1 or Rs.10 (Indian) for each completed survey, and as you hit the $2 mark, you can transfer the amount to your PayPal account for real time money. Each survey takes around 10 seconds to complete with a few extra cents in your pocket and it is totally upto you, how many surveys you complete before having enough credit to spend on the play store.

14. Clashot 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- Clashot

Each one of us love to capture our precious moments as often as possible, while we are out for a family dinner, or at a party with friends or out shopping with girlfriends, clicking pictures to save as memories has been a long going tradition. The difference now, is that we can get paid for the amazing pictures we have clicked from our smartphones for sharing it with the world.

Some of you may have some mad skills to click excellent professional pictures from your smartphones and are waiting for the right moment to be recognized, but guess what, you’re wait is over, Clashot is just the platform for you. Clashot offers at least 44% of revenue shares for each and one of your pictures sold, pictures of your travel, or you walking your dog, or a beautiful scene you captured on your smartphone.

15. App Trailer 

Make money from your phone with Money making Apps- App Trailers

App Trailer is quick to work with, as all you have to do is watch 30 seconds trailer videos and earn point, that you can later redeem as cash or gift cards and just for signing up App trailer offer you 50 points. It takes a while till you are able to accumulate a large number of point to convert them into real money, but once the cash flow starts 1000 points equal to $1 in real money. You can gain and save your reward points until you have stored up enough to convert it into real cash, this way your savings are secure and you end up earning more points.

All the apps mentioned above are legit and have proven to help many, to earn a side income. Money making apps is one of the best thing technology has come with in a long time, which seems to be benefiting everyone. Once you choose the app of your choice, make sure to read reviews of the online earnings app, to gain feedback and make an informed decision, that help you earn extra money. You have options to spread the word and even get your friends to sign up, so you can win extra point for reference.

Make money from your phone with Money Making Apps

15 money making apps- Infographic

15 money making apps- Infographic

15 money making apps- Infographic

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