Rise in Humidity level can severely affect your lungs

Increased humidity level elevates the risk of developing breathing problems

As the monsoon showers have already began in the country, there is sudden rise in the levels of humidity. These risen levels are associated with the worsening respiratory problems like cough, congestion, excess mucus production and wheezing which severely affects the lungs.

Humidity makes the air stagnant due to which pollutants and allergens like dust, mould and smoke gets trapped in the airway.

“With much joy and happiness in the rainy season, rise in humidity level increases the growth of mould in your home and workplace. This is the common trigger which can sensitize the lungs usually prompts coughing, wheezing, asthma or bronchitis attacks.

Furthermore, humid air is dense as it has high water content. High density leads to increases airway resistance in the body.   Humid air requires the body to work harder to maintain its homeostasis. Hence body demands more oxygen. This can also contribute to feelings of breathlessness”. Dr.Prashant Saxena, Associate Director and Head (Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine) & Associate Director (Critical Care), Max Hospital Saket.

High humidity levels may exacerbate symptoms for a variety of reasons. The body needs to work harder to breathe when humidity levels are high outside.  For the patients suffering from lung diseases like COPD and asthma, high level humidity can worsen their symptoms. This induces shortage of breath and fatigue.

“Chronic obstructive pulmonary and asthma are the diseases which makes difficult for a person to breath easily. It is a condition which requires medications and hospitalization in the worse cases. To prevent lungs diseases from humid weather, it is advisable drink plenty of fluids and eat fresh fruits, avoid exercise when it’s humid out there. Regular servicing of Ac and car heaters is necessary as it emits hazardous gases like carbon monoxide. Don’t forget check local weather forecast to determine
the suitable conditions to get outdoor.  Added Dr Saxena