Snapdeal launches plantable seed paper flags

~ The Indian Tricolor will grow into a Tulsi Plant ~

 Hyderabad, August 8, 2019:  Every year, we see the Tricolor being discarded rather unceremoniously after Independence Day. As per our Flag Code of India, “when the flag is in a condition that it is no longer fitting allegory of display; it should be destroyed in a respectful way.

Snapdeal, India’s largest value-focused marketplace, has launched an innovative and eco-friendly option through which the flag will grow into a Tulsi plant in a month’s time.

Snapdeal launches plantable seed paper flags

The flag is made of seed paper, which is made from reused cotton fibres. Holy Basil or tulsi seeds are embedded in the paper.

Once the flag is no longer in use, it can be respectfully buried in a biodegradable box.

How to Plant the Flag 

Soak the flag in water for a few hours.
Place it underneath an inch of loose soil in a pot or in your garden. Coco-peat or manure rich soil would be ideal.
Water it regularly, but just enough to keep it moist. Do not over-hydrate.
Seeds germinate over a span of 10 to 40 days depending on the soil conditions and seed type.
Tulsi is regarded as a sacred plant and worshiped by many Indians. With this, we hope that our country/flag gets worshiped everyday and not just on federal holidays.

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