Starting Up a Computer Repair Business

Running a business isn’t easy, and it isn’t for everyone, but it is one of the best ways to make money doing something that you are passionate about. Once a business in IT support is up, running and successful, it has the potential to be extremely profitable, which also needs minimal outlay.
However, there are currently hundreds of threats to our computers and the majority of computer owners wouldn’t know what to do when something goes wrong. This means that having the experience and knowledge to keep a computer up and running can prove to be extremely helpful in this day and age. Computer repair businesses can be set up quickly and don’t cost too much - you just need to know what you are doing, which is where this guide comes in handy.

Know Your Services

Before you start up your computer repair business, you need to make sure you are aware of all the services you can and want to offer. Do you want to work from home or do you want to run a store? There are pros and cons to both of these options, which you should explore. Once you know what assets you need to invest in and you have determined your clientele, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the infrastructure you will need to invest in order to facilitate the service you deliver to customers.
The location in which you are setting up your business is also important. You need to investigate the demand as well as the local competition. The location will also let you know how much you will need to pay for rent, repairs or renovations. The ideal location needs to be affordable and needs to be close enough to clients so they can access you without any issues.

Calculate Prices and Costs

As mentioned previously, the area where you live and where your business is set up will determine many of the costs involved in running your business. Once you know your costs and you have done your research on the area, you will be able to sort out the prices. You should create a price guide so customers are aware of the amount they will need to pay when their device is repaired.
The guide will also help when it comes to limiting prices. When you first set up your business, it is a good idea to keep your prices low to draw in more customers, but if this means you will struggle to keep your business up and running, then you should consider something else. For example, you could put on a special offer or offer a new customer something useful and beneficial, such as a year’s free membership for an antivirus software.

Get Your License

You need to make sure you are authorised to run your business before you open. This is essential to make your business legal. You should also make sure you are certified. These certifications serve as evidence of your knowledge and expertise. Licenses can also offer credibility to potential clients. If you are unsure of the licenses and certifications required to legally run your computer repair business, then you need to make sure you do the necessary research. The best way to do this is by using GOV.UK’s license finder. This is an extremely reliable government run website, so you can’t go wrong.

Buy Insurance

The insurance you need for your business is essential for protecting your business from the costs involved from damages or losses that may occur when your business is up and running. For example, if a computer from one of your customers is stolen or broken, then the insurance policy will be there to either cover the price of the computer or to find a replacement. Business insurance also covers claims that are made by a third party against the business or the professional advice you give.
If you don’t have the right insurance policy, then the business will have to pay the money for any damages to the equipment or premises. It also covers any compensation if a claim requires it. These costs could have a devastating impact on a small business or sole trader, so make sure you find the right policy for the right price. Finally, the cover you need will depend on whether your business is run from home or from a store, so do your research. The higher the level of cover, the better.

Market Your Business

Once you have figured out your service, costs, prices, licenses and insurance, you will need to market your business. This doesn’t have to cost the world and can be done on a budget if required. It is essential that your marketing technique is strong and effective because this will be the thing that gets you clients. You will need to carry out market research, so you can develop a more personalised marketing strategy.

You need to develop a business brand and set your goals and marketing budget. The main thing you should do is use the internet to your advantage. This includes creating a website and using social media to promote your business. The internet reaches all people of all ages, which can draw in the customers you need to make profit. Also, social media isn’t only widely used, but it is free, which is fantastic for a new small business starting up for the first time.

Essential Qualifications

You don’t need qualifications to start a business in computer repair, but they are beneficial to have. The first qualification you should have is a BTEC Level 2 Qualification in IT Support. This is the most popular qualification for people who want to start a computer repair business. It verifies skills you have in Operating Systems, IT Fault-Diagnosis and Remedy and Computer Hardware. If you are planning to target business customers, then you should study further to gain a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles. The expertise gained at level 2 helps to build skills which supply IT services, whereas level 3 goes beyond this. The qualification also helps to develop skills in Network Security and Computer Networking, which is essential when IT services are being supplied.

Additional Training

When working with computers, you should definitely make sure you do some extra training so you feel comfortable working with them. For example, getting Microsoft excel training is extremely useful. It is the most commonly used spreadsheet software used worldwide. Becoming an expert in such a popular software can help you help others and you could even use the software yourself to keep certain parts of your business organised.

You should always remember that the qualifications you acquire may be the thing that persuades customers to choose your business to get their computers repaired, making them important for organisation as well as useful in making your business successful.

Starting up a business is the hardest part of being a business owner. However, once you get started and you get a good base of clients, owning a business is the ideal situation to get yourself in. Just make sure you do your research and get yourself prepared for anything and everything you may face during your journey as a business owner.