Why Is Microsoft 70-761 Exam Important for Your IT Career?

The Microsoft certification program has undergone some changes that have led to the retirement of some credentials and exams. Microsoft is now moving away from the usual MTA, MCSA, MSCD, and MCSE certification system. This has resulted in the introduction of new tests and certificates. The IT industry is always evolving, and it’s necessary that outdated technologies are replaced by new ones. This makes it possible for the professionals to have their skills up-to-date. The new credentials and exams are role-based. They are divided into three levels, namely, Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. This new program has affected some tests. However, Microsoft continues offering some of the old exams. They include Microsoft 70-761, which happens to be our focus in this article. This test is for the IT professionals who wish to earn the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Developer certificate. Let’s learn more about this important exam, including some reasons why it’s significant for your IT career.

Microsoft 70-761 Exam

This Querying Data with Transact-SQL comes with 40-60 questions. They are fill-in-the-blank, case studies, multiple choice, active screen, hot areas, and review screen. Other question types that may be included are drag and drop, build lists, and short answer. The time limit is 120 minutes. You’ll get your results almost immediately after you submit your answers. The 70-761 exam cost is $165.
This exam’s target is equipping the learners with skills that they require to provide Cloud-based and on-promises database solutions. It’s intended for SQL Server systems engineers, database administrators, and database developers. These candidates have at least two years of experience and want to validate their query writing skills.

The Microsoft 70-761 exam seeks to validate if you understand and are proficient in the technical tasks mentioned below:

  • Managing data using Transact SQL
  • Querying data using the advanced components of Transact SQL
  • Programming databases with Transact SQL

Why Do You Need to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Exam?

SQL programming is the leading and most preferred area in the IT world. It’s the most used programming language by the professionals and businesses. Why is it so? Why is the Microsoft 70-761 exam important for your career? Let’s find out more reasons below:

  1. You Earn a Respected Microsoft Certification

One of the reasons the professionals pass any exam is to get a credential in their area of specialisation.Microsoft 70-761 is the first in the series of two tests required to attain the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Developer certificate. The second one is Microsoft 70-762. Passing your first test is a step towards earning the most coveted and recognized certification.

2. You Become Proficient in Data Mining

Performing well in your exam implies that you have understood the topics and concepts that it’s testing you on. This also implies that you have successfully attained the required skills. When you know how to use queries, you can easily analyze databases with data fields and within tables. Your proficiencies will include identifying particular data at varied time intervals, viewing update events, and monitoring table activity.

Proficiency in data mining comes as a result of passing through a rigorous exam preparation process using the right resources. There are some of the resources that you can use to master these SQL competencies:

  • Microsoft 70-761 instructor-led training
  • edX Querying Data with Transact SQL online course
  • Exam Ref: Microsoft 70-761 exam study guide by Microsoft Press
  • Microsoft 70-761 exam dumps from Examsnap

3. SQL Programming Professionals are in High Demand

Becoming proficient in data mining using SQL is a challenging process. The employers understand this aspect, and this is what makes them prefer the specialists with SQL based experience. The rigorous process that they go through while seeking to gain the skills make them valuable for organizations. The Microsoft 70-761 certification test will lead to wonderful prospects for you.

4. Enhanced Job Opportunities for You

Earning your SQL developer credential will make a way for you to get a good job. The high demand for the professionals with knowledge in querying data using Transact SQL is high. This is a great opportunity for you to boost your career. The job roles include a SQL server database developer, an administrator, and a systems engineer. These are some of the most coveted job positions in the IT field.

5. Access to Well-Paying Opportunities

For a skilled IT professional, earning a good salary is one of the dreams. When you pursue SQL-based skills, the chances of getting a job that affords you a great salary is high. The employers prefer efficiency while executing your technical duties. That’s why they can offer good pay to any employee who proves to be dependable and efficient in their job role. According to PayScale, the database developers and professionals with Microsoft SQL Server related skills earn about $73,649 annually.

6. Moving to the Next Career Level

One of the best ways to advance in your career is to improve your skills. You should not stop at earning your MCSA certification. Broadening your competences by getting the relevant MCSE credential is a brilliant thing to do. Passing your 70-761 will make it possible for you to receive your associate certificate, then take one more test to achieve your expert certification. Your next stop should be MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. This will improve your career prospects in a big way.


Every serious database developer cannot ignore this important Microsoft 70-761 exam. Pursuing the related certification is what makes the difference between moving forward and getting stuck at one level. If you’ve been wondering which direction to take in as far as your developer skills are concerned, then this is it. It will determine the direction your career takes. As we have mentioned, the professionals with SQL-related skills are most in demand today. The 70-761 certification test is the best way to meet your career goals.

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