Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

Bed bug blood stains on bed sheets

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Bed bug blood stains on mattress, cover, carpet, clothes etc

Bed bugs have always been a destroyer of everything they have fed on! If you have come across a good number of blood stains on your bedsheet and have no clue where these have turned up from, doubt on the bed bugs! Bed bug blood stains have been considered as the most common signs showcasing the presence of infestatio
This has always sounded quite interrogating in everyone’s mind on why do bed bugs leave blood stains? Is it when they are killn.
ed or when they have completed feeding? Many questions have already stuck the head of many people. Bed bugs are definitely a nightmare for every person who is witnessing them. Also, there might be some people who are not even familiar with the presence of these insects. They don’t even know that the bed bugs are feeding in their home or on their body. Read also How to treat bed bug bites & what do bed bug bites look like

Why do bed bugs leave blood stains? 

On wondering about how to check for bed bugs, the first thing that every person must do is checking for the blood stains. Never let these creatures crawl on your body like anything. They are quite sneaky and are good if they stay far off from your home. Bed bugs even have an ability of hiding in the tiny gaps and they just come out of them when we are sleeping.

You might be thinking about the certain reasons about why these species always leave blood stains wherever they are present. They are mentioned below:

  1. Bed bugs make use of proboscis that is their mouthpart for sucking blood. When they have had enough food, this blood may sometimes drop out of proboscis. It thus, leaves a stain wherever it fed during that time. 
  2. The bites that you have attained from the bed bugs also bleed. While bleeding, they inject anticoagulant in your body that is responsible for stopping blood clots. After feeding, these bites would thus continue their bleeding for a particular period of time. 
  3. During the night or afternoon, when you sleep you might mistakenly roll over these bed bugs present on your body or mattress. If those bugs had fed quite recently, blood stains are sure to be left when they are squashed.

A good number of steps are prevalent if you want to solve your query of how to get rid of bed bugs. You must definitely follow them so that you swipe away these insects before they destroy your days.

How do bed bug blood stains look like?

If you are thinking about where do bed bugs come from, we must tell you that the places are many. Wherever they are present, there exist many chances that you will spot the blood stains there.
Since the blood is made up of the digested blood, it isn’t fully red. In the case of a bed bug, when blood digests it transforms into dark colour. Thus, the stain looks dark brown or black. These are round and small. You will usually spot them on your mattress’s edges since it can be the hiding place of bed bugs.

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