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Best Bed Bug Traps

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7 Effective Homemade Bed Bug Traps

These wingless insects that feed on warm-blooded animals - humans preferably, are of two kinds, namely - Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus. As the name suggests ‘Bed Bugs’, they prefer to create a habitat in human homes: bed mattresses, sofas, clothing, furnishings and any other dark hiding places. Due to this reason, no one is safe from bed bugs be it the army barracks, shelters, cruise ships, private homes and dormitories - only the strongest bed bug killer can help you get rid of a massive infestation. To get rid of bed bugs on a small scale, bed bug traps and bed bug repellent should help you make your home bug free.

Usually, the first sign of a bed bug infestation is people complaining of being bitten while they were asleep. There are various homemade bed bug repellent for skin that can prevent you from being attacked in your sleep.

Many of you might wonder as to how do you get bed bugs? Bed Bugs are like tiny hitchhikers, they love to travel with us, on our shoes, in our clothes and luggage. As believed by many, that bed bugs are caused by filth, on the contrary, bed bugs have learned to adapt to their human surroundings. So no matter where you might end up being, one bed bug is enough to travel along with you and infest your home. Making into a large population that will eventually produce a coriander-like odor.

So now that you’re home is infested with bed bugs, and you are tired of waking up with bloody itchy spots all over your body, it is time to try some of these amazing home remedies that are the best way to kill bed bugs. Today in this article you learn about how to get rid of bed bugs yourself:

1. CO2 Traps

Bed Bugs are experts in finding the best hiding spots and incase you might be wondering how to lure them out, then CO2 is the answer. A sugar and Yeast bed bug trap can help in bed bug removal. You will need the following ingredients to prepare your trap

  • Surgical/Cloth Tape
  • Baby Powder
  • Cotton
  • 4-Gallon Container
  • A Dog Bowl
  • 150 grams of dry yeast (¾ measuring cup)
  • 750 grams of sugar (3.5 measuring cup)
  • 3 litres of warm water (100 degree Fahrenheit)

CO2 is released from our bodies when breathe which makes it a hot bed for bed bugs. And now that we have this information, we can use it to our advantage. There are various ways to build a CO2 trap, depending on where you will place it later. This is one of the most effective and best ways to get rid of bed bugs. Remember that this is just a trap, which means you will need to know what kills bed bugs instantly. Whatever kind of trap you make be sure the outside surface has a texture and the inside is slick, making it easy for the bed bugs to get in yet preventing them from getting back out.
Sticky Traps: To make this special trap, all you need is Double-sided tape. Would you like to know how to catch bed bugs with this method? Well, it’s quite simple.

While the method is practical and can help you in getting a good night’s rest, it is important to note that these methods may be of concern for people who have kids and pets and home. While bed bugs are excellent travelers, it is best to stop them at the source. Bed leg is the easiest bridge for them to cross over into your bed. Therefore, buy a good quality double-sided tape that is strong enough to hold them in place as they climb over it. Double-sided tape or glue traps are very effective when wrapped on four legs of your bed. The rat glue works exactly like the double-sided tape, which the best homemade bed bug trap. Once the bugs are trapped, you might want to carefully, take the trap off and get rid of the bed bugs permanently. The trap is not only effective for bed legs, but also for baseboard cracks, crevices, infected areas and other places they may hide in during the day. 

2. Baking Soda Traps

Once you have trapped the bed bugs, you next step is to find out what kills bed bugs instantly. The answer is, Baking Soda! You must always and definitely use baking soda to kill bed bugs. As many of you might wonder whether baking soda is effective or not, here is some useful information. Baking soda works as a drying agent that absorbs moisture in and around it’s surroundings. And once the bed bugs come into contact with this drying agent, it can dehydrate them to death.

Once you have acknowledged various bed bug signs, which could be in your furniture, cracks or mattress seams, thoroughly clean their hiding places. Use a brush to apply baking soda into their hiding places or in the traps you’ve made at home. Remember this is not a one time process, which means you will need to constantly apply enough baking soda on the infected areas for actual results. It is a safe and non toxic treatment recommended for everyone to use. People who have kids and pets and home, can freely use this treatment, without fear of any health hazards. Since it is difficult to know how fast do bed bugs spread from room to room, you can also use baking soda as a preventive measure.

3. Dry Ice Trap

Since bed bugs are attracted to the heat of the bodies and to carbon dioxide (exhaled by humans and animals), Dry Ice is solid CO2 which can be used as bed bug traps. While the method is effective, make sure to follow all dry ice safe handling precautions. The compressed CO2 turns into -120 degree dry ice making it the strongest bed bug killer. Cryonite is an organic pest control which is usually used alongside the bed bug thermal heat radiation. The treatment is effective, safe and chemical-free and can be often used for treating mattresses and box springs. The best way to kill bed bugs with a dry ice trap you will need

  • a dog bowl
  • a towel
  • a cooler 
  • A cotton ball
  • Painter’s tape & talc powder
  • 2-3 pounds of dry ice

With all these items combined together, the CO2 gas sublimating from the dry ice will attract bed bugs which will eventually trap them in the moat. The talcum powder inside the moat will prevent the bed bugs from escaping. Be sure to try your traps at night as bed bugs prefer the dark and will easily fall prey to your experiment.

4. Bed Leg Traps

A commonly used method that works on the principle of catching the bugs as they descend or ascend from bed legs. These traps would need you to place all 4 legs of your bed in different containers, containing the solution. You will require

  • Water
  • Surgical Tape
  • Oil
  • Soap

Be sure the outer-surface of the containers must be textured and if they are not, then cover them entirely with the surgical tape. Make a solution of water, soap and any oil and mix well before pouring it into 4 separate containers. Gently place all 4 legs of your bed into the solution and wait for the night to fall. Any and all bed bugs climbing up or going down your bed legs are sure to fall into the soapy solution trap.

This is one of the best and most effective diy bed bug trap you can make at home. You can also use CimeXa, DE or baby powder to place in the containers and use as interceptors. A bed bug interceptors has 3 purposes: it detects bed bug infestations, prevents them from entering protected furniture (couch, bed) and reduces the spread of bed bugs that are already on the furniture.

5. Mattress Encasement System

The MES can cost you anywhere between $20-$40 or as much as $500-$600. So regardless of which system you buy, you must evaluate necessary features to cover itself to make sure it is effective. Some of the things you must make sure your MES has are: the cover should be breathable, waterproof and comfortable to sleep on.

Check for an advertised “bite-proof” mark that can be backed up with this claim to make sure about the materials used in the manufacture of the cover. Also keep a look out for cover’s zippers that don’t offer opportunities for bed bugs to enter or escape the encasement. Any zippers with any kind of malfunctions are a warning sign and you must immediately replace it with a cover that can be locked in place once closed for extra protection.

The MES is a vinyl or polyurethane-lined fabric cover for your mattress or spring box. This cover works as an effective way to kill bed bugs, and as the cover is impermeable bed bugs immediately starve to death. The cover is also an effective monitoring tool that helps you in identifying the bed bugs easily directly on the cover.

6. Essential Oils

While all the bed bug traps might have been somewhat odorless, there are various essential oils for bed bugs you can use and make a bed bug repellent. These essential oils can also be used to make bed bug repellent for skin protection. Essentials such as Lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, clove oil and lavender oil for bed bugs has proven to be very effective.

While these oils * Lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, clove oil and lavender oil ) are effective in repelling bed bugs they are also what kills bed bugs instantly. All you have to do is add one of the 100% pure essential oils along with spring or distilled water in a spray or atomizer bottle and spray it around your house.

For those of you who find yourself constantly traveling must try the following mixture of ingredients as a body oil for protection. You will need a blend of ten drops of lavender essential oil with six drops of lemongrass and tea tree essential oil and ten drops of thyme. Blend the mixture well and add to a quarter of any cup of base or carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil for protection. The body oil worn by you will keep the critters away from you while you are sound asleep.

7. Neem Oil

A heavily researched  and widely used herbal remedy in India, the hometown of the eternal tree. Neem can only be used as repellent due to it’s bitter fragrance and not as a killing agent. As neem is known for its various medicinal and healing properties. You can very well make effective neem traps and place them at your home entrance and cut the bed bugs of the source. You can also use neem oil mixed with spring or distilled water to spray around the house or in cracks or crevices.

The fragrance is intolerable for the bed bugs which will eventually drive them out of their hiding places. Neem bark, oil and leaves have been used for several thousand years in efforts to treat all sorts of illness, accidents and injuries. Neem is also known for repelling lice and mosquitoes and can be the best bed bug spray that you can use. It is absolutely safe to use around children and petsas it is used in almost 75% of all Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. You can additionally spray your sheets with either alcohol or essential oils to prevent bed bugs from spreading or laying eggs. Neem is also known as an Indian Holistic Medicinal Platform due to its many healing properties.

Off To You
So all in all, the bottomline is that there are various natural homemade methods that can help in preventing or killing bed bugs. There are also multiple traps you can build for your home in order to prevent an infestation. You can start by keeping your house clean at all times.

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