Busting Common Myths About GPS Trackers

“Nanosecond precisions matter in the world of communication. It matters more on GPS.”
In the transportation industry, the developments in the GPS devices have given fleet managers to operate their businesses efficiently. With a GPS tracker, cab fleet or chauffeur-driven vehicle owners can keep themselves updated.

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For instance, if you have a chauffeur-driven car for your children to go to school and around the city, a GPS tracker will help you locate them and assure their safety. Let’s take another instance where a business owner has a fleet of cabs which run through day and night. If the device is present in the car, the owner can keep a check and ensure the passenger’s safety.

GPS trackers are successful with the fleet of vehicles, be it operation of numerous cabs, chauffeur-driven cars, or others. The devices are simple and usually come with handy set-ups, but many misconceptions around them have become a matter of concern because they spread misinformation.
Despite having many benefits, some misconceptions still run around.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Common Myths About GPS Trackers:

1. GPS Systems Have Complicated Set-Up

There are many handy devices available in the market with an easy set-up. They can even be connected to your mobile phones. For instance, KENT CamEye is a GPS tracking device with dash cam which has a plug and play set-up.

A single training session will be enough to operate the device or reading the instruction manual carefully will help your way out.

2. I Trust My Employees, so there is No Need

It is just a statement, but the device doesn’t always have to be a big brother. Use it for the purpose of safety and ensuring any mis happening. If you are a taxi owner, you can keep a timely check on your driver and ensure passenger’s safety. You can also use it as per your convenience.

3. If My Car Has a GPS Device, It Is Susceptible To Hacking

It is just a myth. GPS devices installed in your vehicle separately doesn’t make your vehicle prone to hacking. The hacking event occurs only in cases of cars that have internet connection within their cars. GPS tracker is merely a safety device which can be used in all kind of vehicles.

4. It Is Unnecessary

If your primary concern is the safety of your loved ones, it may become essential to facilitate your vehicle with a GPS tracking device. You will always get updates of current locations of your car. GPS trackers cum dashcams such as KENT CamEye come with additional features such as idle engine alert, running AC alert, face recognition, and more which are beneficial especially if you have a chauffeur-driven car.

5. GPS Trackers Are Not For Small Businesses

From single-car owners to big corporations, a GPS tracking device is available for everyone. Having real-time information of your vehicle, whether they are 2 or 200, can benefit your business directly or indirectly as you ensure passenger safety. It will help your smooth business operation.

Always Ensure Safety 

With advanced technology, GPS trackers have shown considerable progress over the years. From an extensive system to handy set-ups, the tracking devices have come a long way. One such device available in the market is KENT CamEye, which facilitates every individual. Its dual-camera set-up gives real-time alerts to the owner of their surroundings and inside the vehicle. KENT CamEye also features alerts for the idle engine, running AC, a new face in the driving seat, and more. Primarily, if you have chauffeur-driven cars, the device will ensure everything safety.

The misconceptions about GPS tracking devices are only myths running that won’t last long. The technology is for everyone to use to increase the safety of their loved ones or run their business with a better conduct.

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