Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Swiping away the bed bugs from your home is undoubtedly a very complex task. These are more than enough to transform the place you live in into a misery. Bed bugs are not at all resistant to pesticides. Thus, there is a need for you to know about the things to kill them. These bloodsuckers can easily drain out the blood from you and cause a good number of diseases in your body. On thinking about what kills bed bugs and their eggs, you can try out some DIY home remedies for bed bug for the same. One of the most important method out of these is using an alcohol to get rid of bed bugs.

Rubbing alcohol for bedbugs has always been considered as an important and very safe remedy. Commercially too, there are plenty of sprays containing alcohol made with an intention of getting rid of bed bugs.

An alcohol plays the role of a solvent in which it eats the outer shell of the bedbugs. On dissolving the outer shell, the bugs prevalent inside get dried out and finally the egg is killed. This prevents the egg from hatching and thus, no new bed bug is formed. Also, it is available at a very low cost with easy access. Still, many people don’t support the usage of alcohol as the most effective bed bug treatment.

It is said that alcohol is only able to kill the bed bugs when it comes in direct contact with them. If you have an infestation of the bed bugs, they can only be killed when the spray is applied directly on the bugs. Since, these insects have an ability of hiding even in the smallest places, alcohol won’t be able to reach those hidden areas.

Still, if you are indulged in the usage of getting the bed bug treatment by using alcohol you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Before starting the usage of alcohol, you need to vacuum your house in a proper manner. Ensure that you have covered all the areas under your bed and furniture. 
  • Seal each and every item during the activity and spray it with alcohol effectively. 
  • Some of the stores might sell you the ethanol or alcohol bed bug sprays in galloons. You must keep them in the large sized bottles instead. 
  • In order to keep yourself away from the bedbugs, you can apply the bed bug rubbing alcohol treatment from your head to toe. 
  • Try out the alcohol rubbing treatment along with steam cleaning since there are greater chances for the bed bugs to get removed from your house.  Read also How do you get bed bugs? 
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On a whole, rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs has mixed reviews. Some have undoubtedly witnessed good results by using it, however some have also seen lesser results on its usage. It totally depends on you about whether you want to try out this DIY remedy or not. The choice is all yours! 

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